Clad in the raiment of a servant of the baron, this swaggering grey-skinned warrior orc wears banded mail and carries a handaxe and longsword on his belt. 

Artak (LE middle-aged male orc fighter 4) works for Wido Gall (the lord of Dulwich) and is suffered to dwell within the town’s precincts. He is a well-known figure about town, although no one professes to know exactly what he does (or did) to earn his leave to remain. 

Personality: Far more cunning and disciplined than a normal orc, Artak has lost none of his race’s atavistic savagery or cruelty. He has grown accustomed to civilised urban life and has learnt to control his most aggressive instincts—he hasn’t killed anyone in town ages. 

Mannerisms: While in Ashlar or its surrounds, Artak is never without his tabard which shows the Gall family crest. He also carries a parchment signed by Wido Gall identifying him as a servant of the family who should not be hindered in any way. He flourishes the parchment at the first sign of danger.

Hook: Artak is always coming and going on his master’s business. Often accompanied by men-at-arms he makes no attempt to get out of the way of itinerant adventurers.

Trivia: Gregor (Artak’s son) is the newest member of the party in my Adventures in Shadow campaign. Gregor does not know why Artak is in Dulwich, but rest assured he’s bound to bump into his father. Gregor’s player let me design his father (the fool!)


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2 thoughts on “Artak

  1. I love these, I have ran a couple campaigns that I one-one each player a session from where the player gives a base idea on their past, I get to make an outline from earliest memories- start of play. Took a bit but allowed alot of back ground/hooks. ‘Uncle Freds cows are getting eating by giant worms, could that adventurer in the family come help?’