Arumric and Lunderee

The halfling pedlars Arumric (N male halfling) and Lunderee Isskep (NG female halfling) are in the midst of a good-natured argument, when they encounter the PCs. The two are brother and sister and love to while away the hours on the road with spirited discussions about such matters as who scrambles the best eggs, the name of the best inn they ever stayed in and so on. When they encounter the PCs, they are trying to decide what was the worst thing about the dreary village of Coldwater (which they have recently visited). Arumric believes it was the people while Lunderee things the whole place unreasonably gloomy. They try to draw the PCs into their argument—both are sure they are right!

  • Arumric Isskep (N male halfling) believes the pair will make their fortune in Languard; all they need are the right customers and the right products. He is a friendly fellow, with a nose for a bargain. He eagerly trades with anyone he meets. Arumric wears his black hair loose and wears fine, but muddy, clothes.
  • Lunderee Isskep (NG female halfling) hated the gloom and general sense of misery and squalor hanging over Coldwater. She never wants to go back there. Lunderee has long brown hair and brown eyes that sparkle with humour.

The two each lead a donkey piled high with boxes and sacks containing their trade goods. Mainly the donkeys carry mundane items such as sacks of grain, pots, pans and so on. However, they also have a few notable items which might interest wandering adventurers; these items include:

  • Bag of Salt: Double bagged in two hemp sacks, this 2 lb. of sea salt is worth 10 gp.
  • Red Silk: This bolt of red silk is carefully folded in a small sack. It is worth 50 gp, and enough to make one dress or two doublets (or similar).
  • Fine Blank Spellbook: Picked up months ago, this 100-page spellbook was prepared by the fledgeling wizard Eevi Kontio. She scribed read magic into the book but lost the book in a badly-made wager. The halflings grow tired of dragging it around; they’ll sell it for 20 gp.
  • Brandy: This dusty bottle of fine brandy has an unreadable label. It is worth 10 gp.
  • Owl’s Feathers: These five feathers come from a tawny owl and are suitable for use as quills or as a material component for identify. They cost 1 sp each.

The two are more than happy to travel with the adventurers.


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4 thoughts on “Arumric and Lunderee

  1. These two make me happy! Can certainly use them in my campaign. Also appreciate you fleshing out some of the wares they carry, and the level of detail you provide. Great start to a new month. Well done. Thank you!

    • Thank you Ethan! I’m glad you like them! I hope you players enjoy meeting them–they turned up in campaign last week and were a handy interlude on the road.