Arvi Lempinen

Bitter, one-legged beggar who was once a man-at-arms for a border lord.

Clad in dirty rags, this wild-haired man has a wooden leg.

Arvi Lempinen (CN male human fighter 2) has lived on the streets for the past few years. An ex-soldier unable to earn a living he scratches out a desperate existence on the city’s streets.

Personality: Bitter at being abandoned by his lord after he lost his leg in a border skirmish, Arvi is consumed by the search for more alcohol to dull the constant phantom pain in his left leg. When sober, he is a cunning manipulator. 

Mannerisms: Adroit at hopping about on his wooden leg (when sober), Arvi is a nasty drunk given to vile language and threats of the most graphic kind. 

Hook: Arvi is being tormented by a pair of street toughs, when the PCs encounter him. Alternatively, he could be the tormenter if he is drunk.


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