Arvkin Glitterheart

Dark curly hair frames this dusty halfling’s handsome face. A smile plays over the man’s lips as if he is enjoying some private joke.

Arvkin Glitterheart (CE male halfling rogue 2) smiles constantly, as if enjoying some private joke; in reality, he is planning—hypothetically—how to murder almost everyone he meets. He is not (yet) a practising homicidal maniac as such, but merely enjoys thinking about murder and death.

Personality: Arvkin has a massive chip on his shoulder about his height. He is not stupid enough to fight everyone who makes a height-related joke, but he does revel in having his revenge—poisoning his tormenter’s drinks, stealing a prized possession and so on. Arvkin is brave and fights well in battle, but is more than happy to sacrifice others to attain his goals—wealth and comfort for himself.

Mannerisms: Abused and beaten repeatedly as a child, Arvkin is never without his favoured weapon—a much-used handaxe— for personal defence. His hand is ever caressing its well-worn haft.

Hook: A perceptive PC noticed Arvkin slip something—a natural laxative purchased from a local apothecary—into someone else’s drink. If challenges, he claims the whole thing is a “hilarious” practical joke but notes the PC for later reprisal.


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