Auku Hopea

Tall and thin with long straggly greying hair, and a similarly greying drooping moustache, a look of sorrow dominates this middle-aged man’s face.

Auku Hopea (N middle-aged male human wizard 4) broods over his failure to entice anyone to accompany him to the Shoalstone, wherein might lie the secrets of those who built the Twilight City. He is obsessed with the mysteries of that crumbled ruin and feels compelled to explore its mysteries. 

Personality: Dour, and a pessimist, Auku feels fated to never reach the Twilight City. Virtually everyone lets Auku down eventually—he believes—and he has trouble forming meaningful relations as a consequence. Despite—or perhaps because of—that he has an iron will and stubbornly plods on. 

Mannerisms: Sighing deeply and often, Auku can suck the life and energy out of almost any social situation. 

Hook: Auku approaches the PCs and makes a half-hearted attempt to talk them into accompanying him to the Shoalstone to “unlock the eldritch, sanity-blasting secrets lying within.” He is unsurprised if they decline his offer.


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