Auni Kalpio

Short and tubby this old woman has a shock of pure white hair and a timeworn, tired expression. She wears grey and red voluminous robes.

Auni Kalpio (NE old female human rogue 5) longs to gaze upon the Twilight City’s shrouded precincts one more time, and she doesn’t care whose bloody corpses she must climb over to get there. A keen artist, she has worked on a variety of landscape pictures depicting various locales within the city; all are dark and gloomy pieces.

Personality: Warped and twisted by a lifetime of struggle, toil and encroaching madness Auni has become obsessed with the Twilight City. Auni has few friends because she doesn’t really see relationships as valuable; this attitude shows through in her interactions with others.

Mannerisms: Spasm of coughing often interrupt Auni’s speech. She radiates ill health coupled with an iron will to endure.

Hook: Auni was last in the Twilight City a decade ago. She tells all who will listen that during the delve she was forced to hide a treasure too bulky to bring forth. She tries to recruit the PC for an expedition by promising them a share of the hoard.


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