Ausk the Wild Wanderer

With a zest for life, wine and women this half-orc is a larger than life fellow.

This monstrously tall, bearded half-orc has a shaven head and neatly trimmed goatee. Large, curved tusks emerge from his bottom jaw. He wears travel-stained leathers and carries a sheathed bastard sword on his back.

Ausk (CG middle-aged male half-orc fighter 3) is an adventurer and sellsword who has wandered the world for almost two decades. Newly arrived on a merchant-ship, he has seen much in his travels and happily tells tales of his adventures to those who will buy him ale.

Personality: Ausk has his own brand of honour and always acts as he thinks best. He fears little except beings of apparent supernatural origin. Giving little thought for the future, he loves life and revels in the present.

Mannerisms: With a foul mouth, Ausk has an impressive command of curses and expletives. 

Hook: Ausk is returning to his rented room with a new lady friend after a long revel at a local drinking den. Singing a rowdy drinking song with his new companion, Ausk calls on the PCs to join in. 


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