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About > Design Contributors > John Bennett

Poet, hero, lover, none of those words describes John Bennett. He appears as a handsome and affable office supervisor, replete with tie, sports car and a kind word for his employees.  

Yet in reality, his heart is blacker than any kobold’s, his humour darker than the most malign goblin, with a capacity for devilish wickedness surpassing that of a bugbear.  

Deep in his lair in the shadow haunted hills of New Hampshire, wreathed in a perpetual plume of noxious cigar smoke, Robert Johnson crackling his sorrow laden riffs on vinyl in the background, John hammers furiously away at his keyboard. In his mind’s eye is a field of death, the broken bodies of player characters stretched to the reddening horizon, fingers futilely clutching crumpled character sheets.  

Standing victorious are the game masters, raising John’s latest Pathfinder supplement in triumph, the feral, maddening gleam of victory glinting in their wild eyes. Back in reality, John takes a long draw off his cigar, admiring his newest monstrous creation. Calling on 24 years of role-playing experience, he smiles an ogre’s smile, knowing that while there are those willing to pay for his dark arts player characters everywhere aren’t safe from the blasphemies he spews forth onto the world of freelance game design.  

He also has two cats, Bimmer and Snaps, who he loves very much.

John maintains an online lair here.

Design Credits

John is surprisingly talented

(and depraved) for his age...