Village Backdrop: Carillon

Ringing day and night, the many bells of Carillon echo through the village, a nearly constant tolling that serves as both protection from, and reminder of, the danger lurking beyond the village’s borders. Deep in the otherwise idyllic Elysian Valley that is otherwise an endless bounty for the so-called village of bells, something sinister—the Hush—lurks and plots harm to the hunters who inhabit and visit Carillon. Fortunately, the noise of the bells—from the village’s central bell tower, hanging on every home’s doors, even sewn onto clothes or worn as jewellery—keeps the Hush away; thus the villagers trade peace for safety.

Notable Locations

Most of the village comprises peasant homes. A few locations, however, are of interest to adventurers:

  1. The Belltower: This stone campanile houses the village’s prized bronze bell, which hangs from a stout wooden beam in the three-storey belfry. A stairway spirals up the interior to a platform where a rope hangs to cause the bell to swing and toll. Village children have the task of ringing the bell at irregular intervals every hour day or night.
  2. Valariand: Baronet Honris Valline rules Carillon from this manor house, which bears the name of his ancestor, an early huntmaster who became the village’s first baronet. 
  3. Hunters’ Hall: This luxurious lodge welcomes visitors who come to hunt in the fertile valley. It supplies all the luxuries its guests could possibly need, including hunting guides, fine cooks and a highly skilled bowyer/fletcher, all overseen by Huntmaster Nyami.
  4. The Trophy Room: Chandalli Berheardlaf caters to wealthy hunters in her workshop, mounting their most impressive catches for them to take home as taxidermied evidence of their prowess. 
  5. The Leatherworks: Exiled to the village outskirts due to the strong odour of his work, leather-maker Jodri Adivis transforms hides into leather for various uses. In his spare time, he crafts hide and leather armour.
  6. Clangors: Bax Olnan runs this bell foundry and smithy, which supplies the village’s tools, weapons and occasional suit of metal armour, along with a steady supply of bells. 
  7. The Menagerie: Originally a livery yard for horses, the Menageric later opened its doors to more exotic species, and became a kennel famed for breeding exceptionally well trained hunting hounds.
  8. The Moonlit Prize: Ulrick Crossen runs the village inn, a lively place known for its evening entertainment and the brews fermented in the attached cidery.
  9. Centenary Glade: This peaceful grove serves as a home and woodland chapel for the druid Khainarv Ironwood. He considers the glade a place of peace, the one spot in the Elysian Valley where he objects to hunting. Unlike the rest of the village, no bells hang here, as the sacred spot is believed to be safe from the Hush.



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