Review Roundup 7/11

This week, we’ve only had one review–but it’s a cracker!

Ancient Empire of the Troglodytes has finally got its first review…and it’s a five-star + seal of approval cracker! In summary, Endzeitgeist said, “this cements John Bennett’s reputation as an author who gets darker fantasy and horror even further: Were I to describe this book’s flair, it would be a mix of Kenneth Spencer/Mr. Kortes and Nicolas Logue/Richard Pett. Yes, I’m not using these comparisons lightly – this book is awesome in all the right ways: Smart, concise…and it takes essentially the key-components of RSP’s product-lines and combines them into one glorious book.”


Ancient Empire of the Troglodytes Now Available

TrogEmpire_front_220John Bennett’s Ancient Empire of the Troglodytes is now available! Designed specifically to give the busy GM all the tools needed to set adventures amid the mouldering bones of one of the world’s oldest civilisations, Ancient Empire of the Troglodytes reveals hitherto unknown secrets ready for your campaign!

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Ancient Empire of the Troglodytes

Explore the hidden secrets of one of the world's oldest empires

Ages ago, when humans lived in caves and stared in wonder up at the glistening night sky, the ancient troglodyte empire of Ssar’targontha thrived and prospered in the deep places of the world. For thousands of years, from atop their gloom-shrouded ziggurats set at the very centre of the canal-ringed cities, the empire’s high priests used the life-essences of enslaved and sacrificed elementals to build monuments to their demonic overlord and crush their enemies.

By Matt Morrow

By Matt Morrow