Megan R likes Campaign Events: Urban Riot, it’s official! Here’s my favourite bit of her five-star review:

If you have ever thought that it might be fun to have a riot in the middle of your game, perhaps disrupting whatever the party actually intended to do in town, this resource will give you plenty of ideas and, well, help your imagination run riot!

More Marvellous Reviews

Again this week, we’ve been lucky enough to receive some cracking reviews for our products. As always, I’m grateful to all our reviewers.

Endzeitgeist said of Campaign Events: Masquerade Ball in his five-star, “As a dressing-toolkit, this is pretty much the apex of what can ask from a pdf on the subject matter and it is a great buy.” As this is the first review of the first in a new product line I’m delighted Endezeitgeist liked it so much!

In other marvellous news, Lorathorn said of Retribution Collector’s Edition, “Overall, this product was excellent, and I heartily recommend it. Whether you need an adventure on the fly, or you want to flesh out your campaign with a well thought out location and encounters, this adventure will do that and more.” He gave it five stars–which makes me doubly happy as I wrote it!

And finally, Village Backdrop: Ossoko Draconsha has only been out a few days, but it’s already got its first five-star review! First time reviewer, Bjorn A said, “Ossoko Dragonsha (VA:OD) is the latest installment in Raging Swan’s Village Backdrop Series. It is my first issue though, so I can’t compare with former installments, but if this one is indication for the backdrops’ overall quality, I may have to start collecting soon.” That made me very happy!

Campaign Events: Urban Riot

Riots provide almost limitless opportunities for adventure. However, few adventures feature riots because they are problematic to flesh out. Designing all the rioters and the many minor events the PCs witness would take more time to prepare than even the most diligent GM has at his disposal. That’s where Campaign Events: Urban Riot comes in. Presenting copious notes on the rioters themselves as well as minor events and dressing along with hooks, opportunities and complications it takes the hassle out of running an urban riot and lets the GM concentrate on the important details of the campaign!

By Harry Theaker

By Harry Theaker

GM’s Monthly Miscellany: November 2015

GMMM_front_15_11_220Featuring material from some of Raging Swan Press’s newest products as well as classic releases of yesteryear, advice articles and material from Creighton’s on-going design of the megadungeon Gloamhold, the GM’s Monthly Miscellany series is a terrific free resource for the busy, time-crunched GM.

Two Epic Reviews

We’ve had two reviews this week. And they are epic–check out my favourite snippets!

Endzeitgeist said of Alternate Dungeons: Abandoned Temple, “Ultimately, Mike Welham delivers a great supplement full of intriguing details that should help render dungeons in any temple-context less predictable and more concise – a great, inexpensive supplement and well worth a final verdict of 5 stars + seal of approval.”

Meanwhile, Crai said of Campaign Events: Masquerade Ball, “In summation, I’m giving this DM Resource a *5* Star Rating. I honestly haven’t had such a unique and entertaining tabletop event as this Masquerade Ball … in at least a decade. I’m thankful for play-aids like this that help take me outside of my DM’ing Comfort Zone and help enable me to experience more alternative ways of thrilling & challenging both my players and myself.”

Thanks so much Crai and Endzeitgeist for reviewing our books. I’m delighted you both enjoyed them!

Review Roundup 15/8

Raging Swan Press has been lucky enough to garner a few nice reviews this week! Normally, I’ve found that things slow down during the summer, so these were particularly welcomed! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write a review (and thanks to everyone who’s purchased one of our products as well!)

Retribution Collector’s Edition

Lorathorn gave Retribution five stars and said, “Overall, this product was excellent, and I heartily recommend it. Whether you need an adventure on the fly, or you want to flesh out your campaign with a well thought out location and encounters, this adventure will do that and more.” This made me very happy!

Campaign Events: Masquerade Ball

TriangularRoom said of the first Campaign Events, “There’s enough content here for a game master to prepare an elaborate masquerade ball in a fraction of the time it might normally take. Campaign Events: Masquerade Ball makes me want to find a way to work a masked ball into my next session!” and have the book five stars! Thanks, TriangularRoom!

Urban Dressing: Elven Town

End zeitgeist said of Urban Dressing: Elven Town, “…this provides inspired fluff galore…” and I agree!