What’s the Goblin Doing?

Goblins don’t just sit about in their lair waiting to be slaughtered by wandering adventurers. Like any other sentient beings they have needs and interests. Thus, when the party is exploring a goblin lair, they are likely–at least until the alarm is raised–to encounter goblins going about their daily life.

10 Things to Find in a Goblin Guard Room

Although seen by other races as little more than short, mad homicidal maniacs, goblins are at least slightly organised. Normally, the entrance to the tribe’s lair, or the approaches to the chieftain’s chambers, will be guarded.

10 Things to Find in a Goblin Common Room

Goblin common rooms are filthy, disease ridden places. Here the tribe comes together to eat, celebrate and–sometimes–live; in many tribes, the lesser goblins live together in a state bordering on anarchy.

By Scott Harshbarger. All rights reserved.

GM’s Monthly Miscellany: September 2017

Featuring material from some of Raging Swan Press’s newest products as well as classic releases of yesteryear, advice articles and material from Creighton’s on-going design of the megadungeon Gloamhold, the GM’s Monthly Miscellany series is a terrific free resource for the busy, time-crunched GM. This month’s issue features:

  • 4 Reasons to Adventure Later in Life
  • Dawnmarsh At A Glance (from Village Backdrop: Dawnmarsh)
  • Soulspur Inn at a Glance (from Places of Power: Soulspur Inn)
  • 1,000 Abnormal Kobolds

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible GM’s Resource by Creighton Broadhurst, David N. Ross and Josh Vogt

Released 4 September 2017; Pages 10

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