20 Blue Dragon Treasures

Dragons are renown for their vast treasure hoards—it’s one of the main reason adventurers seek out their lairs. While much of the hoard likely comprise coinage and the like, inevitably other interesting objects—of a variety of values—will be mixed in with the rest.

12 Pieces of Blue Dragon Lair Dressing

Blue dragon lairs are different to normal dungeons. Consequently, the minor pieces of dressing should highlight this difference. Signs of previous exploration—dropped and broken equipment, the fused, burnt corpses of previous adventurers and the like—will also be visible.

12 Blue Dragon Lair Features

A blue dragon’s lair is rarely nothing more than a cave stuffed full of treasure. Blue dragons are wily, cunning and in-tune with the surrounding environment. Their lairs reflect their intrinsic connection with the desert.

20 Orc Village Sights & Sounds

Orc villages are living, breathing places. Events and minor happenings occur all the time as the residents go about their brutish and violent day-to-day lives. If the orcs become aware of intruders in their midst, the style and tenor of the village changes; use the appropriate table below.

12 Pieces of Orc Village Dressing

The flavour of an orc village is entirely different to that of a “normal” human settlement. Orcs are more barbaric, less civilised folk and their settlements are primitive places that reflect their racial proclivities. Most orc villages are little more than armed raiding camps.