20 Pieces of Farming Village Dressing

Villages have many minor points of interest and flavour; they are not boring, sterile places. Each settlement has its own style and character which the GM can use to bring the place alive in the players’ minds.

8 Farming Village Travellers

It is a rare village indeed that sees no travellers except wandering adventurers. Merchants and traders come to make coin, bards visit to tell tales and other folk are merely passing through on the way to somewhere else.

12 Farming Village Nighttime Sights & Sounds

The villagers work hard during the day and as dusk falls most return to their homes to eat and rest. Others visit the tavern or friends’ houses while courting couples sneak away from their families for some privacy. The feel of a rural farming village at night is much different to that of its daytime.

20 Farming Village Daytime Sights & Sounds

Most rural farming villages are a hive of activity during the day. Villagers work in the fields or in their small kitchen gardens while children tear around and visiting traders go about their business.