10 Travellers to Share Your Campfire

The roads are dangerous for travellers, and a roaring campfire is always a welcome sight. However, heroes should be wary of those who approach their tents at night. Flame may ward off wolves, but it attracts the most unusual company.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)

Journeying in the Hills & Mountains

Loads of adventures take place in mountain or hill ranges. Such terrain is perfect for ruined temples, lost civilisations and giants’ holds. Use these three articles to add depth and flavour to your adventures set in the hills or mountains:

Uneventful Days on the Road

Most adventuring parties spend much of their time travelling from adventure site to adventure site. Many of these days pass without incident, and so get no time at the table–mainly because they are a waste of time! However, sometimes it’s good to inject a little bit of detail into such days, if only to give the PCs a sense of the land they move through. Use the resources below, to add flavour and depth to an uneventful day’s travel:



PCs on the ocean waves must contend with many difficulties. Lurking sahuagin, prowling pirates and–of course–the weather, in the course of their adventures. Sometimes these adventures feature a shipwreck, and sometimes they stumble upon a shipwreck while searching for something else. No matter, a shipwreck can often be the site of an exciting mini-adventure. Use the collection of three articles below to add flavour and detail into the shipwreck they discover:

12 Things to Find in a Rowboat

With alarming regularity (at least in my campaign), PCs find themselves in rowboats. Whether they are battling smugglers, cast adrift on the ocean waves after their ship sunk or rowing to a benighted island they often commandeer, capture, steal or buy a rowboat.

By Noel Patton

By Noel Patton

Venturing into the Deep Forest

Are your PCs about to venture into the deep forest? If they are, check out these posts for inspiration and in-game dressing: