Daily NPC March Archive

Find below all March’s Daily NPCs (except the NPCs available exclusively in the PDF every member of our Patreon campaign received). March’s theme was Travellers on the Road.

Use each NPCs along with its hook as a starting point to craft an interesting, memorable encounter. Modify, change or ignore any details to better fit the game.

  • Arumric and Lunderee: The halfling pedlars Arumric (N male halfling) and Lunderee Isskep (NG female halfling) are in the midst of a good-natured argument, when they encounter the PCs. Meet Arumric and Lunderee.
  • Home of the Ihalempi: Just visible from the trail, the moss-covered shingle roof of a dilapidated old building peaks over a stand of thickly growing trees filling a small dell. A thin wisp of smoke drifts from the building’s chimney, betraying the presence of inhabitants. Once the home of a charcoal burner, the current occupiers, the Ihalempi family, make a living as hunters and trappers. The family earns a little extra coin letting travellers sleeping their barn; some of the travellers never leave the farmstead again. Visit the Ihalempi.
  • Patrolling Men-at-Arms: The local lord sends patrols of soldiers up and down the road to keep it safe for travelling merchants and the like. (Robbed or murdered merchants tend to pay fewer taxes than unmolested ones). Meet the men-at-arms.
  • Timo Hopea (N middle-aged male human cleric [Behron] 3) wanders the trails of Ashlar communing with his god and spreading word of the Farwanderer. Meet Timo.
  • Family Ehatro: Matias Ehtaro is a master stonemason, much in demand among the nobility and the wealthy. Matias goes where the work is, and when the PCs encounter him, he is on the way to another job. Meet the Ehatros.
  • Wandering Mercenaries: A quartet of mercenaries seeks work in a nearby town. Recently having finished an easy job with a local merchant they want another such post. Meet the four.
  • Wandering Sellswords: Ostensibly sellswords in search of an employer these two warriors are in reality scouts for a local bandit gang watching for easy pickings on the road. Meet the dastardly duo.
  • Riderless Horse: Chestnut (N female horse) trots down the road having just escaped a nasty encounter; her rider was not so fortunate. Meet Chestnut.
  • Iisak Vartia (CG male human ranger 1) has nowhere to go and all day to get there. Meet Iisak.
  • Joosef Kupias (N male human fighter 2) pitifully begs by the side of the road. His deeply cowled hood and the bell hanging around his neck alerts all nearby that Joosef is a leper. Meet Joosef.
  • Heta Tapo (LN female human fighter 1) hurtles down the road on a fleet horse, intent on delivering the message with which she has been entrusted. (Briefly) meet Heta.
  • Esteri Sotijalo (AL female human) loves her dog—Patch—who is the only family she has left. Meet Esteri.
  • Ambro Tiera (N middle-aged male human) travels to live with his brother after being kicked out of the family home by his wife who has found a younger, more dynamic, partner. Meet Ambro.
  • Feradul Aralivar (N male half-elf bard 2) claims to be related to the legendary bard and pirate captain Vilimzair Aralivar and constantly tells tales of his heroic progenitor’s exploits. Meet Feradul.
  • Albin Ihamuoto (NE middle-aged male human rogue 1/wizard 1) works as a rag and bone man, wandering between Ashlar’s settlements collecting broken, unwanted things—rags, broken furniture, bones and the like. Meet Albin.
  • Aleksi Kuutamo and his Angels: Aleksi Kuutamo (N old male human cleric 3) makes what many consider to be mad prophesies which are little more the ravings of a lunatic. Meet Aleksi and his angels.
  • Ambro Hellikki (CE male human fighter 2) flees just punishment for murder by getting as far away from his home as possible. Meet Ambro.
  • Aake Hämäläinen (LN middle-aged male human) runs a small haulage business. For a fee, he’ll transport you or your goods to any settlement in Ashlar. Meet Aake.
  • Ruin of Adventure: These two warriors have served the Company of the Spear for the last month. A week ago, the company ventured into an old barrow mound hidden deep in the woods; they have not been seen since. Meet the pair.
  • Eufrosyne Airikka (N middle-aged female human druid 2) wanders the land communing with nature and the animals she encounters. Meet Eufrosyne.
  • Lucia Seppo (LN female human cleric [Conn] 1) walks Ashlar’s roads and trail on a pilgrimage to visit every temple of the Father in the duchy. Meet Lucia.

A Day Out at the Circus

A Raging Swan Press Eventure

Edrin the Entertainer and His Fabulous Fourteen arrives at night, unloading and setting up shop before any authorities can think to stop them. Come morning, dozens of tents both big and small stand ready to entice visitors with all manner of entertainments. The circus is raucous and wild, with performers including an enslaved orc and goblin duo forced to be slapstick clowns, a falsely accused fire-eater on the run from the law, three acrobatic womanising con-artists and a blind juggler with a taste for blood. Due to some of the performers’ unusual proclivities, the circus tends leaves in quite a hurry. Understandably, Edrin tries not to visit the same place twice. Not, at least, until the rumours die down.

This eventure is suitable for any level PCs and can be used with any size group. It has also been designed to be easily adapted to virtually any GM’s campaign.

A Day Out at the Circus is set in the City of Languard but is easily adaptable to almost any fantasy city.


What’s an Eventure?

An eventure is akin to a normal adventure, but does not (normally) feature violence or physical challenges. Instead, an eventure focuses on the use of social skills and role-play to resolve the challenges, or events, therein. Most eventures take places in a settlement or on the road. Few occur in traditional adventure locales such as dungeons, ruined castles and so on.

Eventures are an excellent change of pace and can be used as filler between adventures or as situations in which PCs who have invested in social skills can shine. They are also perfect for players who enjoy role-playing.


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A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible Eventure by Jeff Gomez

Released 15 April  2019; Pages 13

PDF ($3.45) d20pfsrd, DriveThruRPG, Paizo, Warehouse 23





A 5e Compatible Eventure by Jeff Gomez

Released 15 April  2019; Pages 13

PDF ($3.45) DriveThruRPG






A System Neutral Eventure by Jeff Gomez

Released 15 April 2019; Pages 13

PDF ($3.45) DriveThruRPG






Village Backdrop: Poxmire

Poxmire’s disease-ravaged residents choose lingering death over execution. The secluded island village is the destination for those who have incurable, contagious ailments, and those who cannot (or refuse to) pay for curative magic. As is the nature of such places of exile, Poxmire serves as a convenient place to also send fallen political rivals and the like. A sizeable donation to the appropriate temple is enough for a declaration that a foe’s malady cannot be treated. 

Dungeon Backdrop: The Shadow Fane

Evil is everywhere and humanity must be ever vigilant against its slow encroachment into all that is great and good. Small cults—dedicated to ancient, blasphemous powers—lurk throughout the world ready to carry out their dark patron’s bidding. One such small cult dedicated to Braal, god of hate, malice and revenge, dwells in the Shadow Fane below Languard’s High City. The cultists kidnap and murder in their dark god’s name, but recently they made a mistake that threatens their very existence. Instead of kidnapping a beggar the cultists accidentally kidnapped the daughter of a wealthy merchant and he is offering a handsome reward for his daughter’s safe return.

Cartography by Dyson Logos

Daily NPC February Archive

Find below all February Daily NPCs (except the eight NPCs available exclusively in the PDF every member of our Patreon campaign received). February’s theme was Adventurers About Town.

Use each NPCs along with its hook as a starting point to craft an interesting, memorable encounter. Modify, change or ignore any details to better fit the game.

  • Auku Hopea (N middle-aged male human wizard 4) broods over his failure to entice anyone to accompany him to the Shoalstone, wherein might lie the secrets of those who built the Twilight City. Meet Auku.
  • Auni Kalpio (NE old female human rogue 5) longs to gaze upon the Twilight City’s shrouded precincts one more time, and she doesn’t care whose bloody corpses she must climb over to get there. Meet Auni.
  • Vilppu Raita (LN middle-aged male human cleric [Conn] 2) drinks heavily most days—usually for pleasure, but more recently to mask his worries—and still clings to his belief in the Father. Meet Vilppu.
  • Issu Miela (NG male human wizard 1) parades himself about town wearing tight-fitting garb—for the ladies. Meet Issu.
  • Kivutar Lempiä (LG female human cleric [Darlen] 4) struggles to be taken seriously because of her beauty. Meet Kivutar.
  • Emilia Kaukiainen (CG female half-elf fighter 2) eschews an adventurer’s garb when in Languard instead preferring the anonymity and freedom of plain, nondescript dress. Meet Emilia.
  • Kalle Antero (LE male human fighter 3) fumes at the disaster that was his last adventure. Meet Kalle.
  • Lyyti Jurva (N female human wizard 1) cares really only for knowledge, and is somewhat baffled by the intricacies of social interaction. Meet Lyyti.
  • Sohvi Niera (NG female human ranger 3) stalks the streets looking for the idiots who lured her young son, Jussi, away to a life of danger and adventure. Meet Sohvi.
  • Esko Lemmikki (CE old male human wizard 4) delved too deeply into certain ancient, blasphemous tomes describing the Twilight City’s hideous, ancient past. Meet Esko.
  • Marke Äiniö (NE female human rogue 2) acts tough but is really frightened most of the time. Meet Marke.
  • Tuomo Kalpio (LG old male human paladin 4) dreams of one more glorious adventure and a glorious death battling evil. Meet Tuomo.
  • Antero Ihalempi (CN male human fighter 3) dreams of a wife and family but is too wild and unpredictable to settle down. Meet Antero.
  • Dulannis Nunirae (CG male elf fighter 1/wizard 1) purports to believe his beloved stuffed blue lizard is a slumbering god in disguise. Meet Dulannis.
  • Arvkin Glitterheart (CE male halfling rogue 2) smiles constantly, as if enjoying some private joke; in reality, he is planning—hypothetically—how to murder almost everyone he meets. Meet Arvkin.
  • Falgar Glanhak (LG male dwarf fighter 6) searches for his brother—Bolthen—missing these last six months. Meet Falgar.
  • Roylla Hairyfoot (CG female halfling fighter 2/rogue 2) cheerfully embraces the adventuring life and uses her small stature to lure larger enemies and rivals into a false sense of security. Meet Roylla.
  • Magdaleena Himottu (LE female human fighter 3) exults in the frenzy of battle, the clash of arms and the screams of the wounded and dying. Meet Magdaleena.
  • Rister Hämäläinen (CE male human rogue 2) irritates most people he meets with his coarse, suggestive language and obvious predilection for personal gain at the expense of others. Meet Rister.
  • Eleonora Keiho (LN female human cleric 1 [Conn]) serves as a healer and apothecary when she is not furthering her patron’s word. Meet Eleonora.

Dungeon Backdrop: Deszraul’s Hold

Hidden deep in the hills, Deszraul’s Hold has a sinister reputation. The medusa Dezraul claims the caves and evidence of her fell powers—a bewildering array of uncannily lifelike stone statues—stand about her gloomy domain. All that remains of adventurers daring to face the cave’s snake-headed mistress, the statues are a salutary warning on the dangers of facing a medusa in her lair. But does Deszraul still lair within? Has a band of savage, merciless bandits fallen under her sway? Only you can decide.

Cartography by Dyson Logos

Dungeon Backdrop: Delthur’s Folly

Hidden in the wild uplands beyond the Selka River, the sinkhole-mine of Delthur’s Folly is a byword among the locals for a fool’s errand doomed to fail. The only survivor of the fated expedition—driven mad by his ordeal and raving of “the water’s sibilant whispers”—died shortly after staggering into Dunstone a year or more after Delthur and his miners disappeared into the wilderness. And yet, every year adventurers cross the Selka in search of the mine—gold and silver are said to lie within. Some return empty-handed and some do not return at all. Local legend has it that something terrible dwells in the mine.

Cartography by Dyson Logos

Daily NPC January Archive

Find below all January’s Daily NPCs. January’s theme was the folk of Languard.

Use each NPCs along with its hook as a starting point to craft an interesting, memorable encounter. Modify, change or ignore any details to better fit the game.


  • Aapro Jutikka (CN middle-aged male human) Craven, luckless clothier on the verge of bankruptcy. Read more.
  • Immo Kallas (LN middle-aged male human fighter 3) Respected warrior who dreams of leading his own mercenary company. Read more.
  • Kaisa Saarelainen (NG old female human) Drunk, lonely widow who thinks she recognises one of the PCs. Read more.
  • Arvi Lempinen (CN male human fighter 2) Bitter, one-legged beggar who was once a man-at-arms for a border lord. Read more.
  • Noora Toivas (LN middle-age female human) Imperious merchant who hates dealing with poor people even though she once lived in the slums. Read more.
  • Amisi Kerma (LG female human ranger 4) Far from home, this fierce warrior-woman means to experience all the world has to offer. Read more.
  • Lusia Puukko (NG middle-aged female human) Cheery peasant who through sheer handwork keeps her family from the gutter. Read more.
  • Panu Kallas (N male human rogue 3) A reluctant cutpurse forced to ply his trade for fear of what will become of his young son. Read more.
  • Matias Arpia (CN young male human commoner 1) Tall and bulky, this young man has short black hair and grey eyes. He walks with a cocky swagger. Read more.
  • Kauro Otra (LN middle-aged male human expert 1) A borderline alcoholic, this strange man makes a living serving as a guide to adventurers visiting the city. Read more.
  • Loviisa Koira (NE female human fighter 2/rogue 1) Betrayed by one of her gang, this serial criminal of the vilest sort is soon to flee the city. Read more.
  • Ahvo Montaia (N old male human commoner 1) Seemingly with little to do, this man is often seen wandering the streets with his pet dog. Read more.
  • Aamu Salme (N female human) Maid to a lord’s lady, this mousy woman hears much high society gossip. Read more.
  • Ausk the Wild Wanderer (CG middle-aged male half-orc fighter 3) With a zest for life, wine and women this half-orc is a larger than life fellow. Read more.
  • Eeva Kainu (N young female human) This daughter of the slums is canny and fleet of foot. Read more.
  • Tuuli Kulta (CG female human wizard 4) This wizard seeks a learned sage to answer her questions. Read more.
  • Surnak Overhill (LG male halfling) This unfailing cheerful wandering merchant deals in anything and everything. Read more.
  • Jalmari Ehtaro (NG young male human) A trail of accidents trails in the wake of this friendly, but clumsy, boy. Read more.
  • Kaleva Neuvo (N male human) Superlatively skilled this weaver’s skill is much in demand. Read more.
  • Sirja Neuvo (CG female human) Tired, and ready for her bed, this woman is heavily pregnant and will soon have to give up work. Read more.
  • Albin Ehtaro (N old male human wizard 1) Skilled scribe and bookbinder who loves performing minor magics for children and the like. Read more.
  • Severina Himottu (CG female human) This nobleman’s courtesan dreams of marriage and elevation to the nobility. Read more.
  • Juhani Aikamieli (N middle-aged male human) Drunk, fat and wealthy merchant in a bad mood looking for an argument. Read more.
  • Amare Larsa (NG female human) Frustrated at living and working in a strange place, this woman is ready to shout at virtually anyone. Read more.
  • Sohvi Kaukiainen (LG middle-aged female human ranger 3) Ill at ease in the city, this woodswoman wishes to conclude her business as quickly as possible so she can return to her beloved, tranquil home. Read more.
  • Albin Nousia (CG male human fighter 2)  Fop with an inflated sense of self-worth ready to defend his honour with his trusty blade. Read more.
  • Ambro Ehtaro (NE male human ranger 1) Spy for a bandit gang, this warrior lingers by the main gate on the lookout for wealthy travellers leaving the city without enough guards. Read more.
    Reiju Kylli (CN male human) This skilled carpenter is keen to open his own business—and is looking for investors. Read more.
  • Aamu Ihalempi (LG middle-aged female human) Apothecary and herbalist, this woman serves those who cannot afford magical healing. Read more.
  • Juhana Airikka (N male human rogue 2) Not all he seems, this beggar-thief is a consummate actor. Read more.
  • Aatso Lemmäs  (N male human) Recently recovered from a horrible wasting disease, this man yet appears as if at death’s door. Read more.