What’s the Goblin Doing?

Goblins don’t just sit about in their lair waiting to be slaughtered by wandering adventurers. Like any other sentient beings they have needs and interests. Thus, when the party is exploring a goblin lair, they are likely–at least until the alarm is raised–to encounter goblins going about their daily life.

10 Things to Find in a Goblin Guard Room

Although seen by other races as little more than short, mad homicidal maniacs, goblins are at least slightly organised. Normally, the entrance to the tribe’s lair, or the approaches to the chieftain’s chambers, will be guarded.

10 Things to Find in a Goblin Common Room

Goblin common rooms are filthy, disease ridden places. Here the tribe comes together to eat, celebrate and–sometimes–live; in many tribes, the lesser goblins live together in a state bordering on anarchy.

By Scott Harshbarger. All rights reserved.

Places of Power: Soulspur Inn

Inns have forever been the safe havens of adventurers, providing protection and a chance to rest and recover from whatever dangers they’ve survived thus far. Yet Soulspur Inn presents a unique threat of its own, cloaked in the guise of the very respite adventurers seek. The inn’s mistress is a fine hostess, none would deny, but some say she seems a bit too eager to help those in need—and where she gets her seemingly endless resources from, no one quite knows. It’s said that one can capture more flies with honey than vinegar. But why bother with mere honey when one can offer a frothing mug of spiced ale instead?

By Dyson Logos