GM’s Monthly Miscellany: June 2017

Featuring material from some of Raging Swan Press’s newest products as well as classic releases of yesteryear, advice articles and material from Creighton’s on-going design of the megadungeon Gloamhold, the GM’s Monthly Miscellany series is a terrific free resource for the busy, time-crunched GM.This month’s issue features:

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible GM’s Resource by Creighton Broadhurst, Jeff Gomez, David N. Ross and Martin Tideswell

Released 5 June 2017; Pages 13

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10 Things to Find Near a Hill Giants’ Steading

The land around a hill giant steading is littered with the signs of giantish habitation. Hill giants are not subtle—or intelligent—and make no attempt to hide their presence.

The Twisted Gorge by Matt Morrow

GM’s Miscellany: I Loot the Body

Adventurers are always looting the bodies of their vanquished foes. Often the GM simply reads off the villain’s equipment list and the players move on. In this situation, beyond armour, weapons, magic items and some coin most foes never seem to carry anything of minor interest. This doesn’t help the GM diligently trying to breathe life and verisimilitude into his campaign.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)

20 Pieces of Hill Giant Steading Dressing

Hill giants dwell in huge, rough-hewn timber strongholds hidden deep within rugged hill and mountain ranges. Selfish, violent raiders they constantly hunt and forage through the surrounding territory.

By Bradley K. McDevitt

May’s New Releases

This month, Raging Swan Press releases the following exciting new books:

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The Broadhurst’s Back in the Dragon!

Great news! It’s been ages since I’ve had an article in Dragon magazine, but a few months ago, I was asked to write a dressing-style article for the Tomb of Horrors! Of course, I immediately agreed and my article has just gone live in the newest issue.

Marvellously, Dragon is now a free read either at Dragon’s website or via the app. If you are planning a run-through of the infamous tomb I’d suggest you take a look…but then I might be a bit biased…

But, let me know what you think, in the comments below!

10 Folk to Encounter in a Sewer

Sewers are rarely devoid of intelligent denizens. The homeless often congregate amid the gloom and filth, while thieves, rogues and assassins use the tunnel network to move around undetected.

By Bradley K. McDevitt