8 Farming Village Travellers

It is a rare village indeed that sees no villagers except wandering adventurers. Merchants and traders come to make coin, bards visit to tell tales and other folk are merely passing through on the way to somewhere else.

Dungeon Backdrop: Delthur’s Folly

Hidden in the wild uplands beyond the Selka River, the sinkhole-mine of Delthur’s Folly is a byword among the locals for a fool’s errand doomed to fail. The only survivor of the fated expedition—driven mad by his ordeal and raving of “the water’s sibilant whispers”—died shortly after staggering into Dunstone a year or more after Delthur and his miners disappeared into the wilderness. And yet, every year adventurers cross the Selka in search of the mine—gold and silver are said to lie within. Some return empty-handed and some do not return at all. Local legend has it that something terrible dwells in the mine.

Village Backdrop: Aubade 2.0

Laid low by a witch’s curse, life in the once-prosperous village of Aubade is lived in reverse. At dawn, the streets empty, residents remaining hidden inside during the daylight hours and avoiding the sun’s caress. At night, lamps lining the village’s cobblestone streets blaze to life, and the residents emerge to tend their fields and work their nets on the lake as best they can.

Aubade by Tommi Salama

Aubade by Tommi Salama

12 Farming Village Nighttime Sights & Sounds

The villagers work hard during the day and as dusk falls most return to their homes to eat and rest. Others visit the tavern or friends’ houses while courting couples sneak away from their families for some privacy. The feel of a rural farming village at night is much different to that of its daytime.

Daily NPC January Archive

Find below all January’s Daily NPCs. January’s theme was the folk of Languard.

Use each NPCs along with its hook as a starting point to craft an interesting, memorable encounter. Modify, change or ignore any details to better fit the game.


  • Aapro Jutikka (CN middle-aged male human) Craven, luckless clothier on the verge of bankruptcy. Read more.
  • Immo Kallas (LN middle-aged male human fighter 3) Respected warrior who dreams of leading his own mercenary company. Read more.
  • Kaisa Saarelainen (NG old female human) Drunk, lonely widow who thinks she recognises one of the PCs. Read more.
  • Arvi Lempinen (CN male human fighter 2) Bitter, one-legged beggar who was once a man-at-arms for a border lord. Read more.
  • Noora Toivas (LN middle-age female human) Imperious merchant who hates dealing with poor people even though she once lived in the slums. Read more.
  • Amisi Kerma (LG female human ranger 4) Far from home, this fierce warrior-woman means to experience all the world has to offer. Read more.
  • Lusia Puukko (NG middle-aged female human) Cheery peasant who through sheer handwork keeps her family from the gutter. Read more.
  • Panu Kallas (N male human rogue 3) A reluctant cutpurse forced to ply his trade for fear of what will become of his young son. Read more.
  • Matias Arpia (CN young male human commoner 1) Tall and bulky, this young man has short black hair and grey eyes. He walks with a cocky swagger. Read more.
  • Kauro Otra (LN middle-aged male human expert 1) A borderline alcoholic, this strange man makes a living serving as a guide to adventurers visiting the city. Read more.
  • Loviisa Koira (NE female human fighter 2/rogue 1) Betrayed by one of her gang, this serial criminal of the vilest sort is soon to flee the city. Read more.
  • Ahvo Montaia (N old male human commoner 1) Seemingly with little to do, this man is often seen wandering the streets with his pet dog. Read more.
  • Aamu Salme (N female human) Maid to a lord’s lady, this mousy woman hears much high society gossip. Read more.
  • Ausk the Wild Wanderer (CG middle-aged male half-orc fighter 3) With a zest for life, wine and women this half-orc is a larger than life fellow. Read more.
  • Eeva Kainu (N young female human) This daughter of the slums is canny and fleet of foot. Read more.
  • Tuuli Kulta (CG female human wizard 4) This wizard seeks a learned sage to answer her questions. Read more.
  • Surnak Overhill (LG male halfling) This unfailing cheerful wandering merchant deals in anything and everything. Read more.
  • Jalmari Ehtaro (NG young male human) A trail of accidents trails in the wake of this friendly, but clumsy, boy. Read more.
  • Kaleva Neuvo (N male human) Superlatively skilled this weaver’s skill is much in demand. Read more.
  • Sirja Neuvo (CG female human) Tired, and ready for her bed, this woman is heavily pregnant and will soon have to give up work. Read more.
  • Albin Ehtaro (N old male human wizard 1) Skilled scribe and bookbinder who loves performing minor magics for children and the like. Read more.
  • Severina Himottu (CG female human) This nobleman’s courtesan dreams of marriage and elevation to the nobility. Read more.
  • Juhani Aikamieli (N middle-aged male human) Drunk, fat and wealthy merchant in a bad mood looking for an argument. Read more.
  • Amare Larsa (NG female human) Frustrated at living and working in a strange place, this woman is ready to shout at virtually anyone. Read more.
  • Sohvi Kaukiainen (LG middle-aged female human ranger 3) Ill at ease in the city, this woodswoman wishes to conclude her business as quickly as possible so she can return to her beloved, tranquil home. Read more.
  • Albin Nousia (CG male human fighter 2)  Fop with an inflated sense of self-worth ready to defend his honour with his trusty blade. Read more.
  • Ambro Ehtaro (NE male human ranger 1) Spy for a bandit gang, this warrior lingers by the main gate on the lookout for wealthy travellers leaving the city without enough guards. Read more.
    Reiju Kylli (CN male human) This skilled carpenter is keen to open his own business—and is looking for investors. Read more.
  • Aamu Ihalempi (LG middle-aged female human) Apothecary and herbalist, this woman serves those who cannot afford magical healing. Read more.
  • Juhana Airikka (N male human rogue 2) Not all he seems, this beggar-thief is a consummate actor. Read more.
  • Aatso Lemmäs  (N male human) Recently recovered from a horrible wasting disease, this man yet appears as if at death’s door. Read more.

Forgotten Sepulchre of the Father

A Gloamhold Adventure for 1st-level PCs

Hidden beneath the tumbled, mossy ruin of a once sacred church, the Forgotten Sepulchre of the Father has lain undisturbed for 80 years ever since a night of madness and death consumed the now ruined village of Greystone. However, the sepulchre could not remain undisturbed forever. The machinations of an ambitious priestess—or the blind luck of a party of neophyte adventurers—has brought knowledge of the sepulchre once more back into the world.

This adventure is set in the ruined village of Greystone in the Duchy of Ashlar.


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A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible adventure by Creighton Broadhurst

Released 25 February  2019; Pages 16

PDF ($3.45) d20pfsrd, DriveThruRPG, Paizo, RPGNow, Warehouse 23





A 5e Compatible adventure by Creighton Broadhurst

Released 25 February  2019; Pages 16

PDF ($3.45) DriveThruRPG, RPGNow








20 Farming Village Daytime Sights & Sounds

Most rural farming villages are a hive of activity during the day. Villagers work in the fields or in their small kitchen gardens while children tear around and visiting traders go about their business.