Epic Patreon News

Yesterday, something epic happened. Thanks to Raging Swan Press’s tremendously generous patrons, we are now able to pay our freelancers nine cents a word! That’s huge. In fact, it’s beyond huge.

Last March, just 13 months ago, when we started our Patreon campaign, we paid the industry standard rate of 1 cent a word. We simply couldn’t afford to pay more, if we wanted to stay in business. But, with our patron’s support we’ve slowly and surely increased our pay rates. It’s thanks to all 107 of them that we are where we are today.

There is–of course–more to do (there’s always more to do) but I’m tremendously proud of what we’ve achieved together.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported Raging Swan Press on it’s quest to pay its freelancers a decent rate of pay!Epic

Fantastic Patreon News

Over the weekend, something fantastic happened!

A surge of new patrons to our Patreon campaign pushed Raging Swan Press passed our next milestone. That’s incredible and it means we can increase our pay rate for freelance game designers to 7 cents a word. This new pay rate kicks immediately on all new contracted jobs.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported our Patreon campaign thus far. It means the world to me and it’s changing the way we do business. Of course, we are not done yet! This time–with our next milestone–it’s the turn of our artists and cartographers who’ll benefit from better pay and more jobs!