Swallowfeld–one of our oldest products–has just snagged a five-star review! Thank you, Seems, for writing it. I hope you enjoy the village and that it finds a decent place in your campaign. Here’s my favourite bit of Seem’s review:

The Village of Swallowfeld is a terrific source book and an excellent starting point for a new party.

Review Roundup 28/11

This week, a couple of rather marvellous reviews have popped up!

Whitney D–a first time reviewer of our books–gave The Lonely Coast a five-star review and said, “It is simply a beautifully put together campaign area perfect for quick play. The Lonely Coast has a fantastic feel to it.”

Meanwhile, GM’s Miscellany: Wilderness Dressing also got some love! Mike F loved the book and simply said, “Five stars!”

Dark Waters Rising

Catastrophe strikes the frontier village of Swallowfeld! With a grinding groan, the town’s mill slews into the Kilian River and breaks through the ceiling of an ancient subterranean dungeon. This accident frees a long-imprisoned evil to prey upon the shocked townsfolk. When several Swallowfeld residents—some innocent and some not so innocent—are spirited away into the rapidly flooding dungeon, it falls to a brave group of heroes to venture underground and rescue the missing before dark, rising waters seal their fate.

A Vital Clue by Matt Morrow

by Matt Morrow