City Backdrop: Languard

Storied Languard—capital of Ashlar and its greatest city—stands hard against Hard Bay’s turbulent, stormy waters. To the north lies the Mottled Spire’s brooding spray-drenched mass, the curse-haunted ruins of Greystone and Gloamhold’s doom-wreathed halls. Ashlar’s greatest—indeed only—city, Languard is a noisy, dirty place. Here, amid broad, muddy streets teeming with life and shadow-mantled, danger-filled alleyways there is little beneath the sun that cannot be had somewhere—for a price.

Few Languardians overly concern themselves with the brooding terrors lurking within Gloamhold’s halls, but for others, the legendary, benighted ruin draws them to Languard as a moth to a flame. For within Languard’s stout walls live, plot and scheme a surprising number of adventurers, freebooters and mercenaries all lured here by the treasures said to lie but a scant few miles to the north.


Low City Locations

(See Languard Locations: Low City for more locations)

  • G1 Low Gate: Low Gate is always busy, choked with a multitude of carts piled high with trade goods.
  • G3 Traitor’s Gate: “Decorated” with the remains of traitors to the crown, Traitor’s Gate is well named.
  • L1 Low Market: A bustling market fills this muddy space.
  • L2 Vonya’s Span: Of dwarven craft—and reputedly haunted—Vonya’s Span is the only bridge spanning the Svart.
  • L3 The Scythe: The one-legged Arvo Outila runs this drinking den renown for live music.
  • T1 Fane of the Waves Eternal: Here Serat’s worshippers commune with the ocean’s eternal glory.

Fishshambles Locations

  • F1 The House of Sighs: Seeking shelter in this almshouse is little better than living on the streets.
  • F2 The Drunken Sailor: A popular dockside tavern.

Shambles Locations

(See Languard Locations: The Shambles for more locations)

  • S1 Raisa’s Curios: Idle adventurers often come here to browse the eclectic range of goods on offer.
  • S2 The Bloody Eagle: A seemingly destitute merchants runs this tavern, which is a Shadow Mask front.

Wrecks Locations

  • W1 Duranki’s: The Duranki family will ferry (unwary, too-trusting) adventurers to Gloamhold, for a fee.
  • W2 The Fallen Maid: Here dwells one of Ashlar’s pre-eminent assassins.

High City Locations

  • G2 River Gate: These two towers oversee all river traffic.
  • G4 Duke’s Gate: The least-used of Languard’s gates. Only those traveling northwards use this gate.
  • H1 Castle Languard: Family Nenonen’s seat.
  • H2 High Market: Those with a taste for the finer things in life come to High Market.
  • H3 Urmas’ House: The aged sage Urmas—one of Ashlar’s greatest authorities on Gloamhold—dwells here.
  • H4 The Dreaming Spires: Ashlar’s centre of learning, the library here is only matched by that held at the Black Tower.
  • T2 The Father’s Hall: A cathedral dedicated to Conn’s worship and the centre of his faith in Ashlar.
  • T3 The Great Forge: A clamour of noise and smoke perpetually rises above Abarin’s temple-forge.
  • T4 Watcher’s Spire: Darlen’s followers dwell in this fortified temple.


Praise for City Backdrop: Languard”

“Creighton Broadhurst succeeds at a rather impressive task: To provide an overview of a massive city in just a few pages, to depict the complexities of daily life and the differences in tone and character of the different quarters; you will not confuse any of those locations with one another, and the pdf contains enough hooks, dressing and ideas to make Languard come to life…Languard sports this gritty, Greyhawk-ish vibe I enjoy; the same atmosphere that you got from the grimy cities depicted in the Witcher novels. All in all, this is an awesome city supplement…”

Endzeitgeist (five stars + seal of approval)



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Praise for City Backdrop: Languard

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Released 25 February 2018; Pages 25

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