Daily NPC February Archive

Find below all February Daily NPCs (except the eight NPCs available exclusively in the PDF every member of our Patreon campaign received). February’s theme was Adventurers About Town.

Use each NPCs along with its hook as a starting point to craft an interesting, memorable encounter. Modify, change or ignore any details to better fit the game.

  • Auku Hopea (N middle-aged male human wizard 4) broods over his failure to entice anyone to accompany him to the Shoalstone, wherein might lie the secrets of those who built the Twilight City. Meet Auku.
  • Auni Kalpio (NE old female human rogue 5) longs to gaze upon the Twilight City’s shrouded precincts one more time, and she doesn’t care whose bloody corpses she must climb over to get there. Meet Auni.
  • Vilppu Raita (LN middle-aged male human cleric [Conn] 2) drinks heavily most days—usually for pleasure, but more recently to mask his worries—and still clings to his belief in the Father. Meet Vilppu.
  • Issu Miela (NG male human wizard 1) parades himself about town wearing tight-fitting garb—for the ladies. Meet Issu.
  • Kivutar Lempiä (LG female human cleric [Darlen] 4) struggles to be taken seriously because of her beauty. Meet Kivutar.
  • Emilia Kaukiainen (CG female half-elf fighter 2) eschews an adventurer’s garb when in Languard instead preferring the anonymity and freedom of plain, nondescript dress. Meet Emilia.
  • Kalle Antero (LE male human fighter 3) fumes at the disaster that was his last adventure. Meet Kalle.
  • Lyyti Jurva (N female human wizard 1) cares really only for knowledge, and is somewhat baffled by the intricacies of social interaction. Meet Lyyti.
  • Sohvi Niera (NG female human ranger 3) stalks the streets looking for the idiots who lured her young son, Jussi, away to a life of danger and adventure. Meet Sohvi.
  • Esko Lemmikki (CE old male human wizard 4) delved too deeply into certain ancient, blasphemous tomes describing the Twilight City’s hideous, ancient past. Meet Esko.
  • Marke Äiniö (NE female human rogue 2) acts tough but is really frightened most of the time. Meet Marke.
  • Tuomo Kalpio (LG old male human paladin 4) dreams of one more glorious adventure and a glorious death battling evil. Meet Tuomo.
  • Antero Ihalempi (CN male human fighter 3) dreams of a wife and family but is too wild and unpredictable to settle down. Meet Antero.
  • Dulannis Nunirae (CG male elf fighter 1/wizard 1) purports to believe his beloved stuffed blue lizard is a slumbering god in disguise. Meet Dulannis.
  • Arvkin Glitterheart (CE male halfling rogue 2) smiles constantly, as if enjoying some private joke; in reality, he is planning—hypothetically—how to murder almost everyone he meets. Meet Arvkin.
  • Falgar Glanhak (LG male dwarf fighter 6) searches for his brother—Bolthen—missing these last six months. Meet Falgar.
  • Roylla Hairyfoot (CG female halfling fighter 2/rogue 2) cheerfully embraces the adventuring life and uses her small stature to lure larger enemies and rivals into a false sense of security. Meet Roylla.
  • Magdaleena Himottu (LE female human fighter 3) exults in the frenzy of battle, the clash of arms and the screams of the wounded and dying. Meet Magdaleena.
  • Rister Hämäläinen (CE male human rogue 2) irritates most people he meets with his coarse, suggestive language and obvious predilection for personal gain at the expense of others. Meet Rister.
  • Eleonora Keiho (LN female human cleric 1 [Conn]) serves as a healer and apothecary when she is not furthering her patron’s word. Meet Eleonora.

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