Dorotea Ampuja

Immensely fat, and clearly frail, this elderly woman slowly shuffles along using two stout, highly polished walking sticks for support. Dressing in fine, but worn, clothes she has short grey hair and grimaces as she moves.

Dorotea Ampuja (N old female human expert 1) enjoys considerable wealth from the carting business which she sold a decade ago, but also suffers from particularly bad health. Most of Dorotea’s ailments are in her mind; thus the clerics at the Lawgiver’s Hall have failed to help her. 

Desperate to cure her various ailments Dorotea has fallen under the “spell” of several shoddy apothecaries, conmen and the like. She spends much coin on cures, relics and crystals all to alleviate her symptoms. 

Personality: Gullible and desperate for pain relief, Dorotea will believe virtually anything. As active as she can be given her “condition” she enjoys getting out and seeing old friends, and making new ones. 

Mannerisms: Dorotea speaks in a strange, oddly high-pitched voice and uses simple child-like vocabulary. 

Hook: Dorotea enjoys eating out and is often abroad at night (normally in the company of a servant or two). It is only a matter of time before she falls prey to a cutpurse or other ne’er-do-well; perhaps she is attacked as the PCs are nearby. She knows many people about town and could be a useful contact for the PCs, if they rescue her from a mugging.

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