Dorotea Kontio

This woman is ill; a grey pallor covers her face, and the slight smell of rot seems to emanate from her (or her clothes). She wears a thick cloak tightly wrapped around her body. 

Dorotea Kontio (NG female human commoner 1) staggers down the street. Four days ago, she was tending the grave of her dead mother in Languard’s graveyard when a horribly wasted and smelly woman bit her. Since then she has felt extremely unwell. Her husband, Ilja, is away working for Ossi Karppanen (leader of the town’s influential lumber guild).

Personality: Dorotea is a loving and caring woman who is doing the best she can to carry on. She knows she is ill—and worries it is the plague—but she must still look after her young daughter, Lotta, and two sons, Äijö and Hilppa. 

Mannerisms: Dorotea keeps her cloak tightly wrapped around her body to stop anyone seeing the horrible grey pallor covering much of her body. 

Hook: A ghoul lurking in Dulwich’s catacombs bit Dorotea when it emerged in search of food. Dorotea was lucky to escape but has subsequently been afflicted with ghoul fever. Without assistance, she will shortly succumb to the disease and rise as a ghoul. As she passes by the PCs, she doubles over and vomits.


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