Dulannis Nunirae

Blond haired and blue-eyed, this tall, thin elf wears studded leather armour and a slender longsword on his left hip. He cradles a stuffed blue lizard against his chest. 

Dulannis Nunirae (CG male elf fighter 1/wizard 1) purports to believe his beloved stuffed blue lizard is a slumbering god in disguise. Needless to say, most people think the elf is mad. Others declare it is all a trick—although none profess to know why he would pretend so.

Personality: Wild and unpredictable, Dulannis is brave and watches out for his companions. However, he is slightly crazed—his strange belief in the lumbering divinity within his stuff blue lizard means many adventurers give the young elf a wide berth. Dulannis is fun-loving and enjoys a good fight.

Mannerisms: Dulannis strokes his stuffed lizard and often has conversations with what is—essentially—a battered child’s toy.

Hook: Dulannis approaches the party to tell them about his divine patron. Perceptive PCs may notice he doesn’t really believe what he is saying—what his game is, though, is anyone’s guess. A fellow elf might get him to confide what he is up to—trying to get as many stupid, short-lived humans to believe in his made-up patron as possible.


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