Eeva Kainu

This daughter of the slums is canny and fleet of foot.

Skinny, and clad in a dirty knee-length robe, this young girl has unkempt blond hair and lively black eyes.

Eeva (N young female human) has lived in the slums since her fifth year when her fisherman father died in a boating accident, and her mother subsequently drank herself to death. Thus far, she has had a hard life. 

Personality: Eeva is a product of her environment; she has grown up hard, cynical and untrusting of strangers. She’s not evil, she just does what she must to survive—no matter the cost to others.

Mannerisms: Restlessness consumes Eeva, and she is rarely completely still—unless she is hiding from a pursuer. 

Hook: The PCs encounter Eeva while she is being chased by a local fishmonger who spotted her stealing a fish from his stall. She hides behind the PCs and accuses the man of trying to do “unspeakable things” to her. She hopes to use the ensuing confusion, to escape.


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