Eevi Kupias

With slicked-back black hair and a set, emotionless face this well-dressed, slender woman radiates attitude and aloofness.

Eevi Kupias (N female human wizard 5) stalks the street searching for the learned and renown sage Saini Alanen (who dwells in location 9 on the Dulwich map). Saini makes his library available to the public, and Eevi wants to consult several of the sage’s historical treatise on the Forest of Gary Spires ahead of an expedition she is mounting to the area.

Personality: Eevi has grown accustomed—and weary—to the attentions of men who have ulterior motives. She is intelligent and motivated and looks down on those of lesser intellect (which is most people she meets). Fascinated by divinations and the powers of future-seeing she greatly desires to discover the truth about certain legendary seers mentioned in ancient texts describing the southern forest.

Mannerisms: Eevi is exceptionally skilled in controlling her outward display of emotion; thus her expression rarely betrays what she is thinking. 

Hook: Eevi approaches the party for directions. She prefers to speak to another woman, but if another member of the party is particularly respectful—or obviously a wizard—she turns her attention to that individual.


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