Eleonora Keiho

Short, but with long blond hair, this freckled woman wears a tight-fitting coat under which lurk several bulges—perhaps hidden pouches—around her waist.

Eleonora Keiho (LN female human cleric 1 [Conn]) serves as a healer and apothecary when she is not furthering her patron’s word. She does not adventure for wealth or glory, but rather to help the common folk. 

Personality: Demure and shy, Eleonora finds it difficult to strike up conversations with strangers. This leads her to come across as direct and even slightly rude as she dives into the meat of the matter without any preliminary social niceties. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and is a keen ornithologist; she is never without her sketchbook which contains many beautiful pictures of a staggering variety of birds.

Mannerisms: Softly spoken and demure Eleonora is a quiet, unassuming woman. 

Hook: Eleonora has resolved to do something about a horrible disease said to be savaging a nearby village and needs help. If the PCs have a good reputation, she approaches them for assistance. If they are unable to help, she instead asks for a donation to fund her works.


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