Elina Kontio

Clad in a bewildering array of garments, some might charitably describe as eclectic, this attractive young woman has startling blue eyes and an easy, slightly vacant smile upon her face. 

Elina Kontio (NG female human bard 1) composes poetry and songs while dreaming of fame, acclaim and a life of indolent luxury. Elina has an apartment on Amri Road and lives an unconventional life among the many other poets, artists and similar folk living on the street. She rarely leaves Amri Road, but when she does, she wanders seemingly without purpose searching for inspiration.

Personality: Elina is a kind, gentle soul who is more than a little naive about the world’s harsh realities. She likes cats.

Mannerisms: Elina speaks in a soft voice unless she is singing or reciting poetry. She studs her conversation with snippets of rhymes and the like.

Hook: The PCs encounter Elina as she stands in the street watching clouds scud overhead. Unaware of the world around here, she appears transfixed as if—perhaps—under the effect of some fell enchantment.


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