Emilia Kaukiainen

Straight long black hair and a wan, drawn complexion mark this tall half-elf out from the crowd. She wears a plain, dirty white robe cinched at the waist with a thin, black belt. 

Emilia Kaukiainen (CG female half-elf fighter 2) eschews an adventurer’s garb when in Languard instead preferring the anonymity and freedom of plain, nondescript dress. Emilia relaxes “hard”—sometimes for days at a time—and is well-known in Low City’s many inns and taverns. She has a prodigious appetite for drink, song and dance.

Personality: Brave and straightforward, Emilia is also a carefree soul giving to following her whims. She is a good person, nevertheless, and her adventures often centre around helping others. Raised by her human father, she has little affinity to elvish things and is no more at home in the woods than an ordinary townsperson. 

Mannerisms: Emilia laughs loud and laughs often. Friendly and welcoming she is a tactile person. 

Hook: A tipsy Emilia is accosted by a local ruffian intent on easy prey; he gets a surprise, however, when she unceremoniously knocks him on his arse in full sight of the party. As he scrambles away, he vows revenge. 


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