Emmanuel Arpia

With a pencil-thin moustache and faded clothes of once fine aspect this thin, dapper gentleman carries a leather haversack over his shoulder.

Emmanuel Arpia (CN male human rogue 1) sells relics of Dulwich’s past to adventurers and rubes alike. It’s not his fault if “on occasion” the antiques and trinkets he sells aren’t entirely legitimate.

Personality: Emmanuel is a born trader and will sell anything to anyone if the price is right (for him). Untroubled by such concepts as honesty or truth, Emmanuel has the gift of the gab. Single, and not looking for any encumbrances, Emmanuel is in constant motion and possesses a kind of nervous, contagious energy. He hates violence and always prefers to talk his way out of a problem.  

Mannerisms: Speaking loudly and enthusiastically, Emmanuel is your best friend when he thinks you might be about to buy something. He likes to seal notable deals with a drink in whatever tavern is closest. 

Hook: Emmanuel possesses one of Purho’s finger bones (Purho founded the Lawgiver’s Hall [location 2 on Dulwich’s map] and is a revered local). It has been said (by Emmanuel), the owner of the finger bone will attract Conn’s blessing. Emmanuel also has for sale various crude statues found in the Gray Spires (they weren’t, and perceptive PCs notice they look surprisingly new) and a stuffed owlbear’s paw said (again by Emmanuel) to bring luck to the owner. All his prices are negotiable.


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