Emmanuel Kontio

Leaning heavily on a stout walking stick, this old, fat man shuffles down the street. His white hair and voluminous beard glimmer in the light as he moves.

Emmanuel Kontio (LN old male human expert 2) created beautifully illuminated books, title deeds and the like when he was younger, but fading eyesight has forced him to stop working. Now he wanders the town, lost and rudderless without the discipline of work to keep him busy.

Personality: Emmanuel desperately craves to be useful and to help his family make ends meet. Sadly his eyes are not what they used to be, and he can’t complete such intricate work as he once produced.

Mannerisms: Emmanuel is frustrated at being old, and can be short with people if he believes they are being impertinent or are asking stupid questions. 

Hook: As he totters along, Emmanuel slips and falls to the ground. While he tries to get up, two predatory youths—clearly up to no good—move to “help” him. Unless the PCs intervene, Emmanuel is about to be mugged.


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