Esko Lemmikki

With grey, sickly skin and a scraggly beard that nearly covers several angry-looking pustules, this near-bald man appears decidedly unwell. 

Esko Lemmikki (CE old male human wizard 4) delved too deeply into certain ancient, blasphemous tomes describing the Twilight City’s hideous, ancient past. What he read awoke an atavistic lust to harness the elder power yet lurking in the ruin. 

Personality: Reticent—partly because he wants to keep his knowledge to himself and partly because he dares not speak what he knows—Esko totters about the city obsessively hunting for other objects and manuscripts pertaining to the “Ancient Days of Dark Glory,” as he calls them. 

Mannerisms: Esko’s pustules irritate him—they itch horribly—and he is always scratching them; often, they burst at inopportune moments. 

Hook: Esko has heard the party possess a certain object which he desires greatly. He is not an idiot—force will likely fail—and so first offers to buy them for a fair price. If this fails, he might hire street toughs or thieves to retrieve that which he desires. (Of course, the PCs might not actually possess the item—this could be a case of mistaken identity.)


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3 thoughts on “Esko Lemmikki

  1. You said pustules- eeewww www. That one word will be like the the mention of the “space herpy” in the classic “Ice Pirates” Nasty yet memorable.

    good job.