Esteri Sotijalo

Short and weighed down by an over-sized bulging backpack and pushing a handcart this lone woman trudges down the trail. A mongrel dog dances about her ankles, its tail wagging enthusiastically. 

Esteri Sotijalo (N female human) loves her dog—Patch—who is the only family she has left. As well as being weighed-down with her pack and barrow, which contain all her worldly possessions, she is also wreathed in sorrow for recently her entire family succumbed to plague. With nothing left for her in her home village of Ashford, she is seeking a fresh start elsewhere; the where and the how of it remain—as yet—unresolved. 

Personality: Numbed by sorrow, and exhausted by her burden, Esteri skirts the very edge of depression. She has taken the brave decision to make a fresh start but doesn’t know what to do beyond that. Esteri is hardworking and possesses an inner core of strength—she just has to remember that. 

Mannerisms: Esteri speaks halting and often seems on the edge of tears.

Hook: Something is clearly wrong with Esteri, and even the dimmest PC can see she is distraught. Kindness takes her by surprise somewhat, but once she is comfortable with the PCs her whole, sorry tale comes out. She reserves her special ire for Ashford’s lord—Aelfgar Stannard—who fled to his hunting lodge when the plague struck and did nothing to help the villagers. 


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