Falgar Glanhak

Tall for a dwarf, and wearing a glimmering mail coat, this obvious warrior carries a large pick slung across his broad back. A frown mars the dwarf’s face and his glimmering black eyes rove about the area missing nothing.

Falgar Glanhak (LG male dwarf fighter 6) searches for his brother—Bolthen—missing these last six months. The last word of Bolthen came in a hastily penned missive speaking of a great discovery “across the water”. Falgar has now been in the city for three weeks and has precious little to show for it, and is growing frustrated.

Personality: Normally kind and generous, Falgar is growing frustrated with his search. He does not like the stink, or the huge crowds, of a human city. He relishes a good fight and is a devout follower of the dwarven battle god.

Mannerisms: Falgar tugs at his beard when angry—which is often these days—and often frowns.

Hook: Falgar approaches the party and asks if they know of, or have any news about, his brother. No matter their answer he interrogates the party about recent rumours of discoveries “across the water” and missing adventuring parties. Disturbingly, he has recently begun to suffer nightmares in which he is horribly burnt by raging fires. He worries his night terrors might be a portent.


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