Family Ehtaro

Matias Ehtaro is a master stonemason, much in demand among the nobility and the wealthy. Matias goes where the work is, and when the PCs encounter him, he is on the way to another job. His family travel with him along with all their worldly possessions piled high in a small cart. 

  • Matias Ehtaro (NG middle-aged male human) frets he is running late. He is friendly, but in a rush; he’s keen to know the state of the trail ahead and if the party have encountered any difficulties on their journey. 
  • Hedvig Ehtaro (N middle-aged female human) sits in the cart trying—and mostly failing because of the bumpy trail—to darn a pair of socks. Hedvig dreams of the day the family can settle down for more than a year or so—preferably while Hedvig works on some massive project such as a new bridge, church or the like.
  • Alpo Ehtaro (CN young male human) runs by the cart playing with the family’s dog—a playful mongrel given to barking and rushing about in hunt for the sticks Alpo throws. The teenager is brash and full of energy. The presence of any non-hideous female among the party renders him uncharacteristically mute.  

The family’s cart contains many mundane items—cooking pots, a small chest of clothes and so on—along with Matias’s stoneworking tools and a small store of gold hidden in a compartment under the wagon’s floor. 


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