February @ Raging Swan Press

This month, Raging Swan Press releases the following exciting new books:

If you enjoy our books, please sign up to our Patreon campaignBecause we think our patrons are heroes, for as little as $5 a month, they get everything listed above! Join us.

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6 thoughts on “February @ Raging Swan Press

  1. Are there any plans at the moment to publish your products in the Realm Works content market? I got a ton of your stuff as part of the bundle sale this winter and I absolutely love it! I would love it even more in Realm Works so I could just drag and drop into any adventure with little to no effort. The time saving prospects for GM’s would be pretty substantial.

    Second Question, is there a high level schedule that shows monthly releases and the cost of each release? I’m trying to gauge total monthly cost at the various Tier levels based on the number of products per month in that tier and all lower tiers. Thanks!

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the questions. I have no plans to produce any content for Realm Works at the moment. I’m not very conversant with the package and it’s not current available for mac (as far as I can tell) which means I can’t run it here at Global HQ.

      I don’t have a high level release schedule that’s accurate enough to release that goes out longer than a few months. It is a good question, though! I’ll look to add a typical month’s releases to the Patreon page as an example. Thank you for the suggestion.

      Generally, though, we release something every week. Every month one of those releases is free to our patrons so realistically it is very rare our patrons get charged more than three times. I did in the past release something every week, which meant sometime five releases (four paid for) a month but I’ve stepped away from this as it was placing a big burden on our heroic patrons!

    • If you hit the link above for our Patreon campaign or drop this link into your browser: https://www.patreon.com/ragingswanpress you’ll arrive at our Patreon campaign page. After that, it’s all pretty straightforward.

      Thanks very much for your interest. I hope you find the campaign worth your membership!

      • Hi. Thanks. To be clear, if I sign up at 5$, for February, will I be charge 5$ or 5 titles x 5$ =25$? Or some other total? Thanks.

        • We only have two paid-for releases left this month so if you sign up at the $5 level you’ll only be charged $10 (unless you cap your payments at $5). In a normal month, the most you would be charged is $15 (but you can cap that if you want to a lower figure).

          Hope that clears things up!