Feradul Aralivar

Wearing threadbare studded leather armour this tall slender, black-haired half-elf whistles a jaunty tune to himself. 

Feradul Aralivar (N male half-elf bard 2) claims to be related to the legendary bard and pirate captain Vilimzair Aralivar and constantly tells tales of his heroic progenitor’s exploits. Feradul is lonely and craves the attention and adulation of others—what luck he has encountered the PCs!

Personality: Feradul is loud, boastful and a little arrogant; much of his confidence is miss-placed, and he subconsciously trades on his (alleged) heroic progenitor’s name and deeds. For all that, he is desperate to be liked and to make a name for himself. Thus he is also brave and prone to acting without thinking things through. 

Mannerisms: Feradul speaks loudly and long. He is prone to burst into song—normally at less than ideal moments. 

Hook: If he realises the party are adventurers, he asks to travel with them so he might write songs of their deeds. If they agree, he behaves himself for a bit, but before long finds it impossible to not regal his new friends with tales of derring-do. 


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