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As well as many free products, Raging Swan Press releases weekly free articles on a wide range of subjects. A comprehensive list of such free articles and products appear below.

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  • Dungeon Dressing: Portcullises
  • GM’s Monthly Miscellany series
  • The Dragon and the Thief
  • The Lonely Coast

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184 thoughts on “Free Resources

  1. I have been posting links a huge amount of times I might add to the specific free resource when people in certain FB groups ask for help…however since you have changed to this “backping” list its too difficult to find specific things in little time…I will not be posting links to your free products specific any further. Sorry

  2. when i saw the five subheadings for DRESSING in the neat rows and columns like old tin soldiers, and the one blank space, my mind rushed to fill that space like water flowing off the edge of a cliff.

    and because it’s me and my mind over here i immediately went to “Planar Dressing.” though i have no idea what that would look like. but it fills me with excitement and mystery.

    • and wow — what is going on with that pingback thing?

      ‘Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English).’

  3. Don’t know if you except ideas. Was working on town dressing of locals who will be of service to the party as in boarding horses, suggesting a place to eat/drink, ect. I’m still working on mine, but would like to see what you can come up with.

    1. Fernando is a 10 year old human boy who has lived his whole life in this town. His parents are simple farmers who do not demand a lot of his time so Fernando spends most of the day playing in the streets and looking for ways to earn money by doing odd jobs. He is a smart kid that will do what he says as long as it is safe for him to do so. He knows the best places to board horses, sleep, eat and to buy most wears. He may be able to get you a discount on items (25% chance for a 5% discount). His knowledge of gambling, women and magic is limited and may give you false information just for some coin.
    2. Scooter the crazy old coot is dressed in rags and smells of whiskey. For money he will board your horse and tell you where you can eat and sleep. The Inn he suggests is not the best but it is cheap. Scooter also knows the best places to drink, gamble and for women. He may seem dumb but he knows details of many people in town and will share if paid. He can be unreliable in the future giving that he will take the money he made from you and go on a drinking spree.
    3. A Halfling named Teddy seems friendly. He will board your horse safely and give you information on a place to eat and sleep, however; he is sizing you up for his associates to rob you later.
    4. Admanson is an inspiring bard. He is a half-elf who is well known and liked in this town. He loves to tell stories for a price and knows the surrounding area well. His knowledge of the town is first-rate. He does not like to give personal details of the residents in town, but for enough money he can be persuaded. Admanson knows the best places to board, eat, sleep and purchase, but always suggests the tavern he performs in the evening. His elf family deals in the magical arts and can direct you to someone for answers.

    • These are cool. So–in effect–you want a list of people the party could bump into sin town? Multiple articles could be split up into multiple different types of people (tavern workers, beggars, merchants etc.)

      • Thanks. A multiple article approach sound good. I started my list with the welcoming local to get the party pointed in the right direction. I’m not a big fan of a list of rumors in an adventure but I know they’re necessary to move the story along.

  4. How about…
    20 Things to find in an Abandoned Castle or Fortress (Wilderness Dressings).
    20 Things to find in a Labyrinth (Dungeon Dressings).
    20 Things to find in a Forest (Wilderness Dressings).
    20 Things to find on Moorland (Wilderness Dressings).
    20 Things to find in Marshland (Wilderness Dressings).
    20 Things to find in an Abbey (Wilderness Dressings).

    • Super! Thanks for the suggestions. I immediately want to write “20 Things to Find in a Minotaur-Infested Labyrinth”!