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This page presents the NPCs posted as part of the Daily NPC. NPCs are presented in chronological order; the most recent NPC appears at the bottom of the list. While designed for use in Languard and the Duchy of Ashlar, the System Neutral NPCs presented below are designed to be easily inserted into virtually any GM’s campaign.

Use each NPCs along with its hook as a starting point to craft an interesting, memorable encounter. Modify, change or ignore any details to better fit the game.


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These NPCs are part of The Daily NPC—a series of week day posts which each presents a flavoursome, detailed System Neutral NPC ready for use in virtually any GM’s campaign. Every member of Raging Swan Press’s Patreon campaign will get a free and exclusive compilation PDF in early March featuring all the NPCs below and eight bonus NPCs! 

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The NPC Archive


April’s NPCs

March’s theme is Folk of Dulwich.

  • Aadam Hellikki (N middle-aged male human commoner 1) works as a woodcutter in the woods to the south. Meet Aadam.
  • Terrera Ihalempi (NG middle-aged female human commoner 1) survived imprisonment by orcs to flee to Dulwich with her young son, Gregor, in the company of her occasional protector Artak (an orcish warrior of some repute). Meet Terrera.
  • Artak (LE middle-aged male orc fighter 4) works for Wido Gall (the lord of Dulwich) and is suffered to dwell within the town’s precincts. Meet Artak.
  • Iisak Ihamuoto (NG young male human commoner 1) loves his job—except when it’s raining or when children try to steal his sign; still, he’s got pretty good at using it as a weapon. Meet Iisak.
  • Elina Kontio (NG female human bard 1) composes poetry and songs while dreaming of fame, acclaim and a life of indolent luxury. Meet Elina.
  • Dorotea Kontio (NG female human commoner 1) staggers down the street. Four days ago, she was tending the grave of her dead mother in Languard’s graveyard when a horribly wasted and smelly woman bit her. Meet Dorotea.
  • Emmanuel Arpia (CN male human rogue 1) sells relics of Dulwich’s past to adventurers and rubes alike. It’s not his fault if “on occasion” the antiques and trinkets he sells aren’t entirely legitimate. Meet Emmanuel.
  • Kaapo Otava (LG male human fighter 1) serves in the town watch as a corporal and knows Dulwich’s alleyways and lanes well. Meet Kaapo.
  • Siiri Auvo (LN female human cleric [Conn] 1) worships at the Lawgiver’s Hall but is growing increasingly worried about the power struggle gripping the clergy and the town. Meet Siiri.
  • Aatso Ihalempi (CN middle-aged male human expert 1) begs by the town gates in hopes of getting enough copper and—perhaps—silver, to fund his raging alcoholism. Meet Aatso.
  • Emmanuel Kontio (LN old male human expert 2) created beautifully illuminated books, title deeds and the like when he was younger, but fading eyesight has forced him to stop working. Meet Emmanuel.
  • Reijo Vihas (AL middle-aged male human expert 2) suffers from gout in his right foot and is in considerable pain. Meet Reijo.
  • Eevi Kupias (N female human wizard 5) stalks the street searching for the learned and renown sage Saini Alanen (who dwells in location 9 on the Dulwich map). Meet Eevi.
  • Lasse Asikka (CN male human fighter 1) masquerades as a member of the nobility but has humble origins as the second son of a wool merchant. Meet Lasse.
  • Dorotea Ampuja (N old female human expert 1) enjoys considerable wealth from the carting business which she sold a decade ago, but also suffers from particularly bad health. Meet Dorotea.
  • Kirsti Paaso (LE female human expert 2) worked hard for her money, but not as hard as her workers. Meet Kirsti.
  • Klaus Arpia (NE male human fighter 2) believes his red tricorn hat once worn by the legendary bard and pirate captain Vilimzair Aralivar. Meet Klaus.
  • Myvanir Sehiatyn (LG male elf wizard 2) desires to travel south into the Gray Spires to investigate rumours of the ancient, forgotten ruins said to lie somewhere within the forest. Meet Myvanir.
  • Ij Ano (NE male half-orc fighter 2/rogue 1) breaks legs and arms for the Shadow Spiders—Dulwich’s preeminent thieves’ guild. Meet Ij.
  • Albin Koveri (NE male human rogue 7) stalks Dulwich looking for wealthy, gullible women to seduce, exploit and ruin. Meet Albin.
  • Willithar Azarian (LG middle-aged female half-elf cleric [Darlen] 7) styles herself as an alienist, but her true purpose is deeper and more terrifying than any commoner could dare to understand. Meet Willithar.
  • Klaus Ihamuoto (NG middle-aged male expert 2) knows Dulwich and much of the surrounding area well and speaks several languages including Common, Halfling and Orcish. Meet Klaus.

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9 thoughts on “The Daily NPC

  1. Hi,
    I have loved reading all of the daily NPC’S & I do agree that magic items/random treasures would be very useful indeed. Good luck with all of your future endeavors – I will certainly be looking forward to reading & using them.

  2. when you say “slightly different format” do you mean that sometimes we are now getting a duo, group, or animal? i think it’s perfectly fair, and makes a lot of sense. at first i was comparing a random earlier character to a random character here so i was a bit confused since the format seemed the same. but now that a couple weeks have gone by it’s finally “clicked” i think.

    i certainly prefer what you are doing here to the alternative of dragging out a single family of demented and sadistic peasants over five days, lol.

    while you are thinking about this format i encourage you to consider this might be the kind of place where you could invent imaginative fantasy flora or fauna that wouldn’t necessarily make it into a monster manual, but would still be interesting outside of combat. i’ve heard podcasts where DMs speculate their worlds are vastly populated with exotic herbs, animals, insects, trees, and fungi, that wouldn’t be much of a threat even to low-level PCs but would still add to the wonder and strangeness of their campaign worlds. rare spell components or nuisance pests or fey brambles might make it into some of these lists?

  3. man, i can’t thank you enough for your enthusiasm and expansion of this project, Creighton. the organization you put into the combined PDF is a real treat. extremely valuable to me and my game from start to finish. you are the best, sir!

    • This is a lot of what I was thinking. I was also thinking NPCs of the armed forces, not just solders but the support staff as well. Some ancient armies had camp followers, it would be great to detail these guys too.

  4. I would love to see a series based on people that you never think of, though they must be there. For example, the sewer cleaner, the grave digger, the underground doctor/surgeon, the chimney sweep, etc. Basically a fantasy equivalent to all those people that have jobs none of us would want to do. 🙂

  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019!
    Oh man what a wonderfully useful tool for DMs who are World Building Homebrewing thank you I will use this immediately