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Raging Swan’s Money Back Guarantee means that should you be less than delighted with your purchase, we’ll give you your money back!

Want Free PDFs?

If you want free PDFs, check out this link to learn how to get them!

Free Samples

Raging Swan Press provides free samples for all its products - just check out a product’s web page to download them - so you can try before you buy.




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Free PDFs

That's right - you can get free PDFs from Raging Swan Press! We expect you have some questions...

How can I get free PDFs?

Buy a print copy of one or more of our products from amazon.co.uk, amazon.com or the Paizo store (print product only, not print/PDF bundle).

What print products do you current sell?

Raging Swan’s printproducts include:

How do I claim free PDFs?

Email us with a copy of the delivery note, invoice or a picture of you happily clutching your new purchase(s) and tell us which PDF(s) you want.

How many free PDFs can I get?

You can claim electronic products equal in value to the $ value of the product you purchased.

How do the PDFs get to me?

We’ll email you download links via RPG Now. That way if you ever lose your copies you’re covered. Please specify which email address you would like them sent when you contact us.

Should I tell all my friends about this awesome offer?

Yes (if you want to make them happy!)

Completely Free PDFs

If you are coming to Raging Swan for the first time, welcome! Have a poke around and see the kind of stuff we produce. If you’ve got any questions, drop us a line.

We’ve got some free sample products for you to download and we also release free previews and samples of every product we produce so you can check out our offering risk free. Our current completely free product list includes:

The Lonely Coast

Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands (Free Version)

Iconic Characters (Free Version)

Dragon and the Thief

Free Samples

Don’t forget Raging Swan Press provides free samples for all its products - just check out a product’s web page to download them.