All That Glimmers


Bored of giving out the same old treasures? Find yourself describing hoards that include “gems worth 100 gp,” “a piece of jewellery worth 500 gp or a masterwork longsword?” Want to add in more flavour to your treasure hoards, but simply don’t have the time to create them yourself?

All That Glimmers banishes this problem by presenting hundreds of richly detailed treasures ready for immediate inclusion in your home campaign.

All That Glimmers not only contains all the material originally presented in So What’s The Hoard Like, Anyway?; So What’s The Hoard Like, Anyway II?; So What’s The Hoard Like, Anyway? III; So What’s That Shiny Thing, Anyway?; So What’s The Armour Like, Anyway?; So What’s The Weapon Like, Anyway?; So What’s The Spellbook Like, Anyway? and So What’s For Sale, Anyway? V but also includes over a dozen pages of new, never seen before material on intelligent items and treasure maps from designers Landon Bellavia and Creighton Broadhurst!

Praise for All That Glimmers

“I highly recommend this book and give it top marks!”

–Pierre H (five stars)

“…basically I can’t recommend it enough…”

–Louis Counter (five stars)

“This book will supply everything you could want to discover what treasure your characters have found or are looking for!”

–John2412 (five stars)

“Taking the very best releases of the acclaimed “So what’s…”-series, we are introduced to a vast array of customization options, neat ideas, rock-solid item stats you can depend on and table upon table of details, details, details. The additional content should prove to be a neat incentive for everyone who has refrained from buying into the series so far. The new magic items are glorious additions and the fact that now all these neat and useful pdfs exist as one book should bring joy to anyone who wanted these superbly useful pdfs in print…If you have none or only a couple of the component pdfs or want them in print, then this is practically a required purchase and 5 stars + seal of approval.”

–Endzeitgeist (four stars)

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A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible GM’s Resource by Landon Bellavia, Creighton Broadhurst, Richard Green, Ben Kent, Thomas King, Andrew J. Martin, Julian Neale, Chad Perrin, Trevor Self and Liz Smith

Released 15 November 2012; Pages 152

PDF ($13.99) d20pfsrd, DriveThruRPGPaizo, RPGNow, Warehouse 23

Soft Cover ($17.99/£13.99) Amazon DE, Amazon UK, Amazon US, d20pfsrd, DriveThruRPG, Paizo, RPGNow

Hardback ($28.99/£24.99) Amazon DE, Amazon UK, Amazon US, d20pfsrd, DriveThruRPG, Paizo, RPGNow

Soft Cover/PDF Bundle ($22.99) d20pfsrdDriveThruRPG, Paizo, RPGNow

Hardback/PDF Bundle ($34.99) d20pfsrdDriveThruRPG, Paizo, RPGNow


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13 thoughts on “All That Glimmers

  1. Are there plans to release a “system neutral” edition of this book? I don’t play Pathfinder and have no plans to do so. If there are no plans for this, can I assume that this book could be ported fairly easily to a different game system?

    • At the moment, we have no plans to release a System Neutral Edition version of this book. Luckily, a lot of it is essentially system neutral. In particular, if you play any version of D&D converting the material within should an absolute doddle.

      Luckily, however, we have a Money Back Guarantee on all our PDFs. If you buy it and don’t find it suitable, we’ll happily give you a refund. Here’s a link with more information:

  2. This was one of the first Raging Swan products I’ve ever purchased. The selection of unique treasure items provided is sure to enliven any hoard a GM could throw at her/his players. As with the other titles I purchased, the level of detail in the descriptions is wonderful and exactly what I was looking for. Among my few nitpicks is that clothing wasn’t as well represented as I would have liked. There are some amazing possibilities to make some truly memorable clothing in a fantasy setting, such as a robe woven from griffon mane, dyed with ink from a Kraken, and featuring the crest from a powerful local family embroidered with mithral thread and hairs from a unicorn tail. Also, the pre-generated hoards were VERY nice, and I’m not going to say a single negative thing about them, but I would personally rather more randomizer tables to make more unique treasure items. I’d love to see if Raging Swan Press puts out an All That Glimmers II, and if so, what they come up with!

    • Thanks Erich for the jolly kind words. I haven’t considered an All That Glimmers II, but perhaps I’ll need to put my thinking cap on!

  3. Hi there,

    I like the sound of this book, but have not been able to find a sample page or preview anywhere. Do you do previews or sample pages?

    • I’ve posted up some sample pages for you here. I think they give a good idea of the book’s style and content. I hope you like them!