GM’s Miscellany: 20 Things Coming in 2016

20 Things Comp_front_new 220I’ve been asked several times in recent weeks, if I plan to create a compilation of the various “20 Things” articles posted on Raging Swan’s website. Well, I’d always had the idea in the back of my head, but never really formally planned or scheduled such a product. However—given the number of questions I’ve had on the subject—it seems it might be a good idea to do so!

With that in mind, I’ve started laying out the book. It seems, I’ve produced more of these lists than I’d realised. Already, the manuscript stands at 56 pages—and it will continue to grow as I add more material. (I—as yet—have no clue as to a firm release date, but I am tentatively pondering a late March release date).

One of the things I’ve noticed while laying out the book is the varying lengths of the various articles. Obviously—to make the book easy to use—I’ve been going with one list per page. This way, a GM can quickly print out any given page ready for a game session and doesn’t have to lug the entire thing about.

This has created a fair amount of white—empty—space. While I could fill all this space with artwork, I think it would be better to add in more lists to increase the book’s utility. So, in the coming weeks, you are going to see a range of articles designed to fill this white space. Sadly, because of space requirements, they’ll require the GM to use a different die!

For example, I’ve already completed several articles including:

  • 10 Noxious Stenches Found in a Slum
  • 10 Notable cavern Features
  • 10 Signs of a Shipwreck

These articles will start to appear on the site in the coming days—probably at a slightly faster rate than the traditional “20 Things” articles (they are shorter and quicker to write after all).

Finally, if you’ve any suggestions or requests for the subject of a “20 Things” article please leave them below. If you want to check out the contents of the book, check out our Free Resources page which includes links to all the extant “20 Things” articles.


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