GM’s Miscellany: The Thingonomicon

Crammed full of over two years’ worth of 20 Things articles, The Thingonomicon is an essential resource for the time-crunched GM striving to add depth and verisimilitude to their game. Comprising almost 200 pages of detail-heavy, system neutral tables The Thingonomicon can be used either before or during the game session. If your campaign features goblin lairs, kobold warrens, smugglers’ dens, cultists’ lairs and many more iconic adventure locations, the Thingonomicon is for you!


By Matt Morrow


GM’s Miscellany: The Thingonomicon comprise all the materials included in:

Behold, the full contents (click on the picture for a better view):


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A System Neutral Edition GM’s Resource by Alexander Augunas, Aaron Bailey, John Bennett, Creighton Broadhurst, Ronald Calbick, Seamus Conneely, Kalyna Conrad, Jeff Gomez, Eric Hindley, Cole Kronewitter, Jacob W. Michaels, David Posener, Paul Quarles, Alex Riggs, David N. Ross, Amber Underwood and Mike Welham

Released 26 November 2018; Pages 188

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3 thoughts on “GM’s Miscellany: The Thingonomicon

  1. You wrote: “The Thingonomicon can be used either both or during the game session.”
    I think you meant, “..either before or during…”

    Does look like a great product, thanks for all the great stuff you put out!

    • Thanks, Kurt, for the kind words. I’m glad you spotted that typo. I’m fixing it as we speak. (Thanks for that as well!)