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About > Design Contributors > Richard Green

Richard has been playing RPGs since 1980, and has enjoyed running D&D in all four editions. Previous freelance design credits include “A Blight on the Land”, a Forgotten Realms adventure written for Dungeon #38 way back in 1992, and contributions to the “Iron Gazetteer” for Open Design.

More recently, he has been working on the forthcoming 4th Edition Bestiary for Open Design’s Midgard campaign setting.

He is currently running two regular 4th edition D&D campaigns set in the city and wider world of Parsantium, the first campaign setting he created since his teenage years. Check out his blog, At the Sign of the Green Man to learn more about the Parsantium campaign setting and to read other posts about fantasy RPG gaming.

Richard lives in London with his wife Kate and two cats. When he’s not playing and writing D&D stuff, he likes to watch Crystal Palace FC try to win football matches.

Design Credits

Richard has a large and impressive back garden...