How Can We Help Make Running Your Game Easier?

It’s time for the Raging Swan Press question of the week!

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6 thoughts on “How Can We Help Make Running Your Game Easier?

  1. I think I would find useful a list of Guard conversations – i.e. two lines of dialogue between guards for my sneaky players to hear to alert them about the guards. Does that make sense? All I can ever think about is them chatting about the weather.

  2. When I have an encounter planned with lots of minions, I give control if these minions to my players. While i still control the big bad, i give them verbal instructions, or commands and they obey. My players do all the rolls and movement on the board per the general instruction. For example, i may give a simple command such as, “Pincer attack the silly magic user!” So two players will pull away and attack a wizard. I dont tell them how to attack, just general instructions. I find that they are meaner to each other than I would ever be. Lol. Takes alot if the dice rolling and stuff away from me. Plus it gives them many actions in a round. Cheers!

  3. Hmmmn…
    I might ask for more than just easier gaming tools.
    1. A tagless Gloamhold region map.
    2. DON’t detail Dunstone. Make it a mystery for DMs to fill in. At this point in my game it is Orlane+Keep on the borderlands. Or maybe a randomly generated fort/town like Scenic Dunnsmouth or Vornheim.
    3.Blank Die drop tables
    4.A return to the Lonely Coast. Please!
    I’m sure Ill think of more.

  4. While I know they are out there, if I scour sources enough or read through my old Greyhawk Boxed set, how about creating lists of useful herbs and fungi? Or provide some detailed trees and other plants found in forests on the side of a road or that grow in sewer systems?

    I would also like to see alternative experience tables, other than the ones presented in the Pathfinder Core Rules book. I have considered using those found in the Castles and Crusades Player’s Handbook or making some of my own but have not made that leap just yet.

    I guess that boils down to me wanting my games to be more of an old school style. Old school is really more of a feeling and a sense of intent by the players but a bit of a push from the rules helps. I have taken a look at the ideas you have posted in this blog and am considering using those as a basis for my games.

    Here’s a challenge for you though, create an old school system which feels like genuine AD&D 1e/2e but that uses modern mechanics and is also compatible with Hero Lab. Maybe I should challenge myself and give it a go.

    Any, or all, of that would help me out tremendously in my game and I’d happily pay handily for it, in excess of $40 US per book, pdf collection, upwards of $100 US for any associated software.