I Loot the Body

Adventurers are always looting the bodies of their vanquished foes. Often the GM simply reads off the villain’s equipment list and the players move on. In this situation, beyond armour, weapons, magic items and some coin most foes never seem to carry anything of minor interest. This doesn’t help the GM diligently trying to breathe life and verisimilitude into his campaign.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


Enter I Loot the Body. Within, find three tables packed full of trinkets, minor pieces of jewellery and other adornments along with the random things found in a villain’s pouch. Use them to enliven the looting in your campaign today!

I Loot the Body is available in both Pathfinder compatible and System Neutral Edition versions. Scroll to the bottom of the page, to learn more.

Extract: Pouch Contents

Beyond their coinage, folk often carry odds and ends as well as minor pieces of small equipment in their pouches. Use this table, to generate such contents.

  1. A deck of cards, all of which are blank.
  2. A miniature hammer and anvil.
  3. Half of a polished wooden flute.
  4. A knife with a blade on one end and fork tines on the other.
  5. A seemingly endless supply of toothpicks.
  6. Strings of varying thickness and length.
  7. A quill and inkpot.
  8. A tiny scroll covered in tiny, nonsensical glyphs.
  9. A blade polishing kit, though missing any oil.
  10. Fishing hooks with a large coil of line.
  11. A carving knife and an untouched block of wood.
  12. A sewing kit, although it has four needles and some spare buttons it only has black thread.
  13. A velvet-lined box with a number of empty slots inside sized for potion vials.
  14. A fistful of tinder scrap.
  15. A flask of the area’s strongest liquor.
  16. A small mirror and shaving razor.
  17. Strips upon strips of beef jerky.
  18. A travel-sized prayer censer.
  19. A ball of yarn, marked off at regular intervals with chalk.
  20. A tight roll of leather that could act as makeshift cover in a pinch.

Extract: Jewellery & Adornments

Folk often wear trinkets and other adornments. Use this table, to generate details of such minor treasures.

  1. A pendant made of twisted, cheap tin set with shiny rocks.
  2. A ring formed of a thorny vine knotted on itself.
  3. A plain steel ring, yet quite thick.
  4. This large brass ring looks meant to be clasped around someone’s neck.
  5. A wooden locket with the head of a dragon carved on the face.
  6. A bracelet bauble made of rock, chiselled in the shape of a smith’s hammer.
  7. A quadruple-braided coil of hay wound about to form a bracelet.
  8. A single bronze earring, quite dull.
  9. This shield-shaped pendant has a surprising gleam.
  10. The ruby in this silver ring is an obvious paste fake.
  11. A wooden cross suspended from a circlet of wooden beads, all highly polished.
  12. Cerulean tassels, meant to hang off a robe.
  13. A tiny ring formed of multi-coloured beads woven on threads of steel.
  14. These earrings appear to be formed of polished seashells.
  15. Someone has turned a string of dried ears into a grisly belt, complete with a larger, hairier ear for a buckle.
  16. This golden clasp and chain has a keyhole that connects the whole together; of the key, there is no sign.
  17. Tiny white orbs on hooks suddenly blink like eyes.
  18. Six polished stones fashioned into buttons.
  19. This pendant has a single letter inscribed on it: V.
  20. This ring appears made of solid bone, without a seam to be seen.

Extract: Trinkets

Folk often have small, seemingly odd, items in their possession. Use this table, to generate the details of such trinkets.

  1. A wood carving of an owl, so lifelike the eyes might blink at any moment.
  2. A dried-up snakeskin wrapped into a tight coil.
  3. A rose stem with the thorns still on, but all the petals plucked.
  4. A wadded up scrap of leather that looked like it once had writing on it.
  5. A shard of glass that changes colour depending on how it is held up to the light.
  6. An odd stone that seems attracted to most metal it nears.
  7. A strap of silk with the words “Put it Back” inked on it.
  8. A rabbit’s foot, dyed purple.
  9. A shard of porcelain decorated with tiny painted flowers.
  10. A bunch of needles stuck through a doll made of stuffed sackcloth.
  11. A whole eggshell with the egg inside somehow drained.
  12. A white stone with several black lines scored across it.
  13. A miniature house formed of fired clay painted outlandish colours.
  14. Six small feathers tied together with twine.
  15. A vial of ash.
  16. A battered tin cup.
  17. A horseshoe so rusty it could be snapped in half with a good tug.
  18. A sheet of paper, blank except for a dot in the middle and the words “You are here.”
  19. A dirty mirror so small it fits into a pocket.
  20. An empty glass orb so fragile, the slightest pressure should crush it.

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 Praise for I Loot the Body

“The entries are inspired and run the gamut from the common to the weird, sporting a significant array of utterly unique options for the beleaguered GM. This pdf is absolutely awesome…”

–Endzeitgeist (five stars + seal of approval)

“The items presented in I Loot the Body are entirely system-independent. making this a great product for any game master who wants to add some flavour and realism to their world.”

–TriangularRoom (five stars)

Loot_Body_220A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible GM’s Resource by Josh Vogt

Released 20 August 2015; Pages 10

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T&T_Loot_cover_220A System Neutral Edition GM’s Resource by Josh Vogt

Released 18 January 2016; Pages 10

PDF ($2.45) DriveThruRPG, RPGNow



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