Iisak Ihamuoto

This spotty, lanky teenager carries a sign depicting a dancing bear wearing a frock, high above his head. As he approaches, the boy shouts, “Eat, drink and be merry at the Dancing Bear just off Steel Street”.

Iisak Ihamuoto (NG young male human commoner 1) loves his job—except when it’s raining or when children try to steal his sign; still, he’s got pretty good at using it as a weapon. 

Personality: Gregarious and loud, Iisak’s job suits him perfectly, and he is a hard-worker. He loves meeting new people and is secretly thrilled by the glamour of adventuring. Iisak is in love with his employer, the retired adventurer Nurlon Rekunen (LG middle-aged half-elf male fighter 3), but dares not make his feelings known.  

Mannerisms: Iisak generally appear self-conscious; his attempts at studied indifference are particularly disastrous. He speaks quickly as if he is in a race to get through whatever he is saying.

Hook: Iisak takes a liking to one of the PCs and follows the group around trying to get them to visit the Dancing Bear. His incessant shouting and suggestions could become annoying—particularly in the PCs are attempting to keep a low-profile.


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