Iisak Vartia

Frazzled and be-stubbled this man snoozes by a smouldering campfire set back from the road under the branches of a gnarled tree. Two skinned rabbits are slowly roasting over the campfire. A wolfhound snoozes by the man’s side.

Iisak Vartia (CG male human ranger 1) has nowhere to go and all day to get there. A wanderer, he has no set home. Everything he owns—and everything he needs—is stuffed into his backpack. Skilled in self-reliance and woodcraft, he is the quintessential woodsmen.

Personality: Content with life, Iisak projects an aura of contentment and serenity. He is friendly to newcomers—he has many friends scattered throughout the duchy—and helps those he can. Not particularly brave, he is no coward and fights if he must.

Mannerisms: Iisak speaks slow and considers his words carefully. His hound, Tang, is friendly and nudges newcomers with his massive head until he gets a stroke. 

Hook: Iisak has been here all day, and can tell the PCs who has passed him while he rests. He has no interest in joining the party but could be a veritable font of knowledge about wherever the PCs are going.


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