Ij Ano

Grey-skinned and muscular this hulking half-orc wears clothes barely big enough to contain his frame. His small, red-rimmed eyes glare at anyone getting too close.

Ij Ano  (NE male half-orc fighter 2/rogue 1) breaks legs and arms for the Shadow Spiders—Dulwich’s preeminent thieves’ guild. Loyal to the Spiders, as long as they keep paying him, Ij is one of the guild’s most feared enforcers. 

Personality: Ij delights in his reputation and enjoys the savagery his role affords. Ill at ease in anything resembling polite company Ij has the instincts and reactions of a predator. He rarely stops to think and never apologies. 

Mannerisms: An avid and enthusiastic drinker, Ij often suffers for his second-favourite hobby (his most favourite is breaking people’s limbs). When hungover, he speaks in a gravelly whisper. 

Hook: Ij is hungover and in a bad mood. When he encounters the party, he pushes through them and refuses to apologise if they object. 


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