Immo Kallas

Respected warrior who dreams of leading his own mercenary company.

This tall, muscular man is bald but sports a thick, well-trimmed red beard. His blue eyes are alive with intelligence, and his eyes never seem to rest. He wears chainmail, carries a longsword at his hip and moves with the grace of a skilled warrior.

Immo Kallas (LN middle-aged male human fighter 3) has been a man-at-arms for his entire adult life and takes his job seriously. However, he now hankers for a change and to be his own man. 

Personality: Always calm under pressure, and unfailingly polite, Immo is a well-respected warrior. He is clearly intelligent.

Mannerisms: Immo rubs the top of his head vigorously when upset or stressed. 

Hook: Immo is planning to retire and start his own small mercenary company specialising in guarding merchants and their wares or places of business. He has been saving his pay for months and has a decent supply of gold to start his new venture. He is looking for his first client. 


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